Media’s role in  development cannot  be overemphasized

Media’s role in development cannot be overemphasized

ON Monday, the newly-appointed Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Dr Ashatu Kijaji called on the country’s media practitioners to commit themselves to national development.

Addressing editors from various media houses, the minister underscored the important role of the media in attainment of sustainable development and pledged government’s readiness to engage media towards realizing national development goals.

She insisted that the media, including newspapers, radio, television and the ever-growing social media, should continue to play its crucial role of supporting national development efforts. Yes, the role that the mass media play in sustaining the development of a society cannot be overemphasized.

This role lies in the media capacity and capability to teach, manipulate, sensitize, and mobilize people through information dissemination.

Through educating, informing and entertaining, the media help members of the society aware of the importance and need to support national development plans.

The media furnishes the public with necessary information to achieve socio-economic prosperity at individual and national levels. Since independence, the country’s media has played this crucial role, always giving greater importance to priority issues, including development programmes and policies.

Even now, the media continue to play a critical role in helping the government realize its goals of improving the social welfare of the people by providing basic infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospitals. We have witnessed recently that health issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic have become the leading stories disseminated by the media, similarly to other socio-economic issues.

As we celebrate the 60th Independence Anniversary, it is important that we stick to our noble duty of pushing the country’s development forward as well as ensuring that Tanzanians continue to enjoy peace and unity. We must focus our time and resources on sensitive issues that matter most to Tanzanians and always strive to live up to the expectations.

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