BOA reiterates support to govt  efforts in boosting economy

BOA reiterates support to govt efforts in boosting economy

DESPITE the intense competition in the banking sector and the slowdown in business due to the impact of Covid -19, Bank of Africa is committed to continue growing its business while contributing to the country’s economic growth through its businesses.

This was stated by the BMCE Group (the mother company of Bank of AfricaTanzania) Chief Executive Officer, Amine Bouabid, the mother company of Bank of Africa-Tanzania, who is on a working visit to Tanzania during a dinner gala with clients in Dar es Salaam. He also used the opportunity to introduce the new Managing Director and CEO of the bank, Mr Adam Mihayo to stakeholders and customers.

Mr Bouabid said the Bank was aware of the impact of Covid-19 that has affected many business circles, but also its priority was to ensure it protects its customers and employees from infection and to ensure its services continue to be the best in this volatile commercial environment.

“Our strategy is to ensure that we continue to do business effectively in this volatile Covid-19 environment by ensuring that our customers are provided with quality services, we have provided relief to customers in credit repayment as well as continued to raise small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by providing entrepreneurship training,” said Bouabid.

He thanked all the customers of the Bank for their continued support and the government through the Bank of Tanzania that oversees financial institutions and provides operational guidelines in the country.

For his part, the Director and CEO of Bank of AfricaTanzania, Mr Mihayo, said that BOA is committed to ensuring that its customers continue to enjoy banking services through its 22 branches located in various regions in the country.

He also urged them to continue using other alternative ways of using digital technology to access banking services, including the use of BOA Pay systems that enable customers to make payments and collections at the comfort of their premises.

Earlier this year, Bank of Africa was categorized to be among the leading top 15 banks in Africa, with a capital of 2.5 billion US dollars, the bank believes this great milestone could not have been met without its esteemed customers.

Henceforth, the bank pledged to continue serving them diligently and lead to incredible customer satisfaction which is a core priority in its business.

“Bank of Africa-Tanzania stands proud with a strong Group synergy behind all its operations. Conversely, the bank tends to maximize the strength it has from the group by optimizing its trade corridors from BMCE Bank of Africa networks,” said Mihayo.

He said the Group is focused on its mission and vision of ensuring the development of its stakeholders, driving growth of economies where the bank operates, improving customer experience and becoming a preferred bank in these markets, adding that Bank of Africa employs a combination of operational techniques that have proven efficient in 18 countries.

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