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200 schools participate in skills development projects

200 schools participate in skills development projects

STUDENTS from 200 secondary schools in Dar es Salaam, Coast and Morogoro regions have participated in designing projects that would help them develop entrepreneurs’ skills to address unemployment and become self-employed.

The initiative was introduced by the Great Hope Foundation (GHF) a non-governmental organization through Uwezo Award to the projects.

The Country Director - Great Hope Foundation, Ms Noelle Mahuvi cited the districts in Dar es Salaam as Ilala, Kigamboni, Kinondoni, Temeke, Ubungo), for Coast (Bagamoyo, Kibaha, Mkuranga and Kisarawe) and Morogoro Region (Morogoro urban district).

“Entrepreneurship skills will help young people to develop potential to think creatively and innovate, to develop proactivity, and ability to manage and track a project and pursue getting results,” she said.

According to her, about 45 schools are set to win prizes of gold and 24 to win silver and 16 bagging bronze trophies.

Ms Mahuvi further said it was focused on implementing the goal of providing the youth with opportunities to learn entrepreneurship skills at an early age so that once they leave school or educational institutions, they become self-employed.

GHF through UWEZO Awards Projects have been under sponsorship from Karimjee Jivanjee Foundation (KJF), where, since 2017 nearly 620 schools have been reached. Adding she said: “The project is run through competitions where students design projects, which bring positive changes in the community and implement them.”

The director equally emphasis on the entrepreneurship skills, adding that they seem to have a broad impact on students’ lives to enable them improve.

On her part, KJF Executive Assistant Caren Rowland said they will continue to partner with the GHF in providing support to the community to address the existing challenges including employment of the youth.

One of the participants in the Uwezo Wards, Brandy Chuma said in their project they were able to set up a sign language learning class that is aimed at helping them communicate with students and the surrounding community who cannot hear well.

He added that, they were also able to set up a charity club to help students who have poor life and fail to meet school needs including school supplies.


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