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Creating quality squad worthier than 10m/- boost

Creating quality squad worthier than 10m/- boost

THE 2021/22 Premier League campaign is set to resume on October 16th after the end of the international FIFA break and the two CAF governed inter-club competitions.

It is good to see that Tanzania has envoys in all the three major contests mentioned above something which plasters the country’s football on the world face and it is healthy for the growth of football.

For instance, the senior football team Taifa Stars are flying high national flag in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers while Simba are the country’s envoys in the Champions League after their traditional rivals Young Africans were kicked out in the preliminary round.

To the side of confederation cup, two teams; Azam and Biashara United have the mandate to make sure that they make the country proud by doing well in their upcoming fixtures in order to stand a good chance of marching into the group stage.

If both teams manage to hit into the group stage, it will be a great success for them and the country at large and they will begin to play with less pressure comparing to the way they do at the moment.

Now, getting back to the unfolding Premier League season, the two rounds which have been played so far have produced many surprises with pundits labelling the campaign as one of the most competitive ones.

Until now, only two teams Polisi Tanzania and Young Africans have managed to win their opening two fixtures thereby recording 100 per cent start of the season no wonder they occupy the top two slots on the table.

This alone can provide a good judgment that the Premier League season is going to be unpredictable putting in mind that the level of performance among the competing teams is much great than before.

It is a fact that in the past two rounds, many draw results have surfaced thereby enabling sides to claim one point out of possible three points hanging in thin air. This has contributed a lot to make the games very tough bearing in mind that teams have had ample preparations and are not ready to give up easily before the end of 90 minutes of play.

Another hot issue which made headlines in the opening two rounds of the season was the tendency of some politicians and other people who pledge money on average Premier League teams if they either win or draw against big sides.

This has been one of the common systems in the country’s football circles whereby whenever the two giants Simba and Young Africans are facing mid or low class counterparts, cash prizes are pledged to the latter.

A huge debate has therefore surfaced on social media platforms as to whether the system can help to boost the game of football or simply degrade it. Simba are the recent victims of this development for this season since their opening match against Biashara United, the latter were promised 10m/- if they either won or drew on the day by Mara Regional Commissioner Ally Hapi.

This prompted Biashara United players to play lungs out until they succeeded to produce a goalless draw thereby pocketing the pledged amount after the tense match.

Again, when Simba travelled to face Dodoma Jiji on Friday at Jamhuri Stadium in Dodoma, 15m/- was put aside if the hosts managed to win the game while a draw attracted 10m/ cash prize which was pledged by Dodoma Urban MP, Anthony Mavunde.

However, this time, things failed to materialise as the defending champions won the game 1-0 to pocket their first maximum three points of the unfolding campaign courtesy of Meddie Kagere strike.

In his reaction, former Simba Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Crescentius Magori said the pledged amount of money should be made to all teams and not only when playing against Simba.

“If the promised money is for motivation, I am not against it but what I disagree is to see that they only provide such motivations whenever their sides are facing Simba something which I believe is not fair,” Magori said.

He added that the tendency is not good as it forces players of the pledged side to use a lot of energy other than tactical skills during the match thereby causing injuries to Simba players just like what happened in their opener games versus Biashara United and Dodoma Jiji where a number of their players sustained different degrees of injuries.

It is good to give motivation to players when they excel, but the officials would have been done better if they helped their teams in recruiting quality players who can guarantee them victory against any team not only one club like Simba.

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