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Simba surrender first throne to Yanga

Simba surrender first throne to Yanga

SIMBA sadly lost Community Shield, one of three major titles following their 1-loss at Benjamin Mkapa stadium in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

The loss has left Simba with The Premier League throne and the Azam Sports Federation Cup, both being up for grab this season.

It was a Congolese import Fiston Mayele who punished Simba in the early minutes of a game.

It was in the 11th minute when Mayele blasted home a pass from speedy Farid Mussa.

It was crystal clear that Simba need to increase pace and speed to keep commanding run in the Premier League and the CAF Champions League this season.

Young Africans, who overpowered Simba in terms of speed and perfect footwork, clinched the Community Shield for the third time while their opponents Simba have won it twice.

Keen to start their campaign on a high note, Yanga showed intent right from the start.

It was a Dar es Salaam derby played with high tension with Simba appearing to use a lot of force in the middle of terrain in their bid to control Yanga's pace. However, the use of force tactically forced Simba to commit more fouls.

Consequently, several Simba defenders were shown yellow cards; Pascal Wawa was awarded the card after fouling Farid Musa in the ninth minute of the game.

Also slapped a card was was Shomari Kapombe a few minutes before the end of the first half.

Other than the defenders, Simba's defensive midfielder Thadeo Lwanga was also booked a red card after picking two yellow cards after fouling twice Feisal Salum in the 65th and 90th minute.

Yanga picked two yellow cards through Yannick Bangala and Yacouba Sogné; Bangala was shown the card after fouling Saido Kanoute at the 59th and Sogné at the 90th minute.

The quality on Yanga's side was in modern football style; it has been possible for Yanga to employ that playing tactic as it was characterised by very fast-paced players who possess blistering pace that have become an inextricable part of their side.

The high pace intimidated Simba's solid defence marshaled by Pascal Wawa and Kennedy Wilson, who replaced Joash Onyango in the 25th minute of the game after picking an early injury.

Among the fiercest attempt Yanga got was Feisal Salum's attack, who fired a powerful strike at the 70th minute, but Aishi Manula saved well.

Despite losing the game, Simba lost several clear chances that would have given them victory.

Chris Mugalu who missed several chances, had a chance to give Simba an equaliser and win in the 48th and 57th minutes, but both of his attempts went off target. Mohamed Hussein provided him with well-crafted passes from the flank.

John Bocco almost restored the Simba's hope when he completed the Mohammed Hussein set-piece well, but his header went wide.

Line ups:

Simba: Aishi Manula, Shomari Kapombe, Pascal Wawa, Joash Onyango, Mohammed Hussein, Taddeo Lwanga, Pape Sakho, Sadio Kanoute, Chris Mugalu, Larry Bwalya and Hassan Dilunga.

Young Africans: Diarra Djidgui, Kibwana Shomari, Shabani Djuma, Dickson Job, Bakari Mwamnyeto, Khalid Aucho, Yannick Bangala, Jesus Moloko, Farid Musa, Feisal Salum and Fiston Mayele.

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    What do you mean Simba “sadly lost”? You are an immature, rookie reporter. There is no such #### as a reporting sadly or happily loosing in sporting world.

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