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Solutions to early marriage

Solutions to early marriage

EARLY marriage, or child marriage, is marriage or union between two people in which one or both parties are younger than 18 years of age.

Many young women have made great strides in avoiding this scourge although some of them are still forced to see it as normal.

Empower girls with information, skills and support networks, by enabling it helps to reduce an increase in child marriage. One of the young girl aged 17 said that “the idea of getting married early comes after the lack of demands assuming that after that everything will grow right” Parents should not force their child to get married till the right age; Information, education, communication (IEC) campaigns using various Platforms to convey messages about child marriage, schooling, rights, Reproductive health and other topics.

This has been a major problem for some parents because of the situation caused by a variety of factors such as poverty.

One of the parents her tribe is a Maasai said that “in the past she forced her children to get married early to acquire property” Enhance girls’ access to a high-quality education; teaching them will help to dispel negative thoughts about early marriage, one of the young girls state that “parents force them to get married by evading school fees “ Encourage supportive laws and policies, if strict rules are put in place it will help to reduce an increase in child marriage.

“We ask the government to continue to monitor stricter rules that exist on parents who force their girls to get married at a very young age”.

Said one of the third form students aged 18. Despite being prohibited by international law, child marriage continues to be practiced in countries around the world, and often in communities struggling with extreme poverty. Ending this practice won’t be an easy feat, but change is possible if we work together.

Through collaboration with youth, parents, community leaders and governments, we can change the story and end this harm. Strengthening legal systems to protect the rights of adolescent girls and carrying out cutting edge research to build a robust evidence base for advocacy, policies, and programmers and tracking progress.

Strengthening services to help adolescents at risk of, or affected by, child marriage, particularly girls To address this gap, this brief focuses on and systematically analyzes the small number of evaluated programs with the goal of preventing child marriage.

This analysis provides guidance not only on what has worked, but what can be done to strengthen current and future efforts to prevent child marriage.


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