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Come rain come sun? No, come rain, come shine, yes!

Come rain come sun? No, come rain, come shine, yes!

WAY back in 2018, the Government carried out an operation which saw money and tools of trade of those who were dealing in forex confiscated.

Given the recent mood to encourage business, the government has restored the licences of these operators but they are requesting for something more.

A front page headline reading: “Operators want release of forex seized in 2018”, appearing in the Custodian, of 23 September invites us to read the story: “Owners of bureaux de change in Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions whose money and office equipment were seized in a central bank and police operation in 2018 want their assets back”.

When reflecting on what happened, one trader is quoted as saying,: “No trader who was doing this business was psychologically and physically sound following the crackdown, with many of them ‘contracting blood pressure’ and other heart diseases, he said, thanking God for still being alive despite all what had befallen ‘himself’ and his colleagues”.

We need to re-emphasise here that “blood pressure” is not a disease. It is a necessary condition as part of the working of our bodies. If your blood pressure reads “0”, you could be pronounced dead. Fine. In Kiswahili we just say “presha”, but what we mean is usually, “high blood pressure”.

The ideal blood pressure is medically defined, within certain parameters. It should not be too high, nor too low. Besides, I wonder whether you contract blood pressure. High or low blood pressure falls among the ailments classified as non-communicable diseases (NCD).

Such diseases are not possibly contracted, though they could be inherited. Thus, I would go for “developing high blood pressure”, rather than “contracting high blood pressure”. Let us rwrite that sentence: “No trader who was doing this business was left psychologically and physically sound following the crackdown.

Many of them ‘developed high blood pressure’ and other heart diseases, he said, thanking God for his still being alive, despite all what had befallen ‘him’ and his colleagues”.

Our attentive government will surely address the plight of these traders in due course. From Arusha and Kilimanjaro, we go down to the south, specifically in Njombe, where, the CCM Secretary General made a visit and was forced to issue a warning, as is reported in a news item titled: “Chongolo warns people standing against construction of Makambako Drugs Plant”, published in the Custodian of September 23 (page 3).

CCM Secretary General Daniel Chongolo has warned people opposing the establishment of medicines and medical devices factory at Idofi village in Makambako District, Njombe Region”.

Without mincing words, the CCM Supremo told these detractors: “I would like to inform you that, come rain, ‘come sun’, no one will put his hand here, the factory will be built and if they want more funds come to me and I will be ready to act as a bridge to the President”.

Two things come to mind. One, one of the traditional beliefs in my village is that if it rained with the sun shining at the same time, some unusual event was taking place somewhere (a leopard was possibly marauding), so extra care had to be taken.

The second thing that comes to mind, is this Minister of Finance who, years ago, while responding to criticisms as to why the government was spending money on buying an expensive Presidential jet, told his detractors that the jet would be bought even if we had to eat grass.

Could that be translated into: ‘come rain come sun’, the plane would be bought? Not quite, since the phrase is not “come rain, come sun”, but rather, “come rain, come shine”, used to mean that something always happens, or someone always does something, despite bad weather, or difficult conditions. Today, September 25, is NMB Marathon Day, in which I have to participate, come rain, come shine.

See you there!


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