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Climate change deserves  greater attention

Climate change deserves greater attention

ATTENDING a preliminary meeting on climate change in New York, USA on Monday, President Samia Suluhu Hassan underlined the need for heightened mitigation measures to tackle the crisis.

The meeting on climate change was part of series of preparatory meetings for the 26th UN climate change conference (COP26) to be held in November, this year, in Glasgow, Scotland.

President Samia warned that people were taking lightly the effects of the climate change, noting that Tanzania has been experiencing occasional droughts and floods which negatively impact key production sectors including agriculture and fisheries. The two sectors contribute about 30 per cent of the national income, and drought affects 60 per cent of the citizens, the president noted.

The entire world is already paying for climate change. Some countries are experiencing extreme weather events like floods, droughts, heat waves, and hurricanes.

The climate crisis poses serious consequences on food, national security, and water. Rising seas are flooding coastal areas and quite literally swallowing entire islands. Some populations of animals have started to die out. Experts warn that what the world is currently witnessing is just the tip of the iceberg. They point to human activities as the main cause of climate change.

Activities such as coal and oil burning for electricity, industry, and transportation, continuously release large amounts of carbon dioxide (in particular), methane, and other greenhouse gases to Earth’s atmosphere, causing global warming.

These changes have adversely affected the Earth and as President Samia the world pay greater attention to climate change by jointly dedicating more efforts towards fighting the calamity.

Thus, together we can mitigate the worst outcomes of the climate crisis by heeding climate experts’ advice, such as transitioning from dirty, dangerous fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy

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