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Govt allocates 40bn/- for rural roads in Kibaha

Govt allocates 40bn/- for rural roads in Kibaha

THE Coast  Regional Commissioner Mr Aboubakar  Kunenge has  said that the  government has allocated sum of 40.1bn/-  for  the construction of roads  managed by Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) in the region.

RC Kunenge was speaking during a recent tour  of Mkuranga District, whereby he hinted that  the region  had already received a total of 1.1bn/- for the purpose.

" We have already received a total of 1.1bn/-  for commencing the projects …one of the roads which has been  started to be built  through  the funds  is Kiguza- Mwanadilatu,”, he said adding that, a total of 139m/- has been allocated for the  12.3-kilometre road.

Hassan Luhongo and Hadija Dengwa, both  residents of Hoyoyo village expressed  gratitude  to  the government on behalf of  other  residents  saying that the new road will save them from transport challenges especially during rainy season.

“When this road is completed, we will no longer have transport challenges during rainy season  and it  will also  facilitate movement of people  especially residents travelling to Chanika, Kisarawe and Kibaha who are currently being forced  to  pass  via  Mbagala which  is  a complicated route ",  said Luhongo.

In another development, Mr Kunenge has directed a contractor building Mbuchi bridge in Kibiti District to complete the project and save the residents from the challenges they  are facing.

He said upon completion, the bridge will open way for villagers in Mbwera area who  are transporting their crops to  Muhoro and other parts of Rufiji District.

Acting Project’s Resident Engineer Mtani Silasi  said that the project would be implemented for 12  months at a cost of total of 6.1bn/- upon completion.

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Author:  HARRIET  KIAMA  in  Kibaha

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