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Rukwa councils collect over 8bn/- revenue

Rukwa councils collect over 8bn/- revenue

COUNCILS in Rukwa Region have collected over 8.42bn/-, equivalent to 88.84 per cent below the target of over 9.48bn/- during the 2020/21 financial year.

Rukwa Regional Commissioner, Joseph Mkirikiti directed the councils' directors to ensure councillors are closely supervised in revenue collections to curb defaulters.

"I highly commend Sumbawanga Municipal Council for leading the pace by registering an impressive record by collecting over 2.7bn/- which is equivalent of 106.68 per cent and surpassed collection target of 2.54bn/-," he said.

He urged the other three councils to borrow a leaf from Sumbawanga Municipal Council. Rukwa Region has four councils including Sumbawanga municipal council, Nkasi, Kalambo and, Sumbawanga District Councils.

He further noted that behind Sumbawanga Municipal Council is Sumbawanga District Council which collected 2.3bn/-, equivalent to 94.3 per cent below the target of 2.5bn/-, followed by Kalambo that collected 1.5bn/-, 81.81 per cent but below 1 8bn/- target.

While Nkasi District Council had collected 2.4bn/- equipment to 71 per cent of the collection of 2.56bn/-.

Meanwhile, the RC  further explained that four councils in the region collectively issued free interest loans valued at 403.82m/- to special groups of youths, women and people living with disabilities using internal sources during the 2020/21 FY.

He further said the free interest loans issued by all four councils is equivalent to 54.3 per cent below the collection target of 742.39m/-.

He warned that any council that will either defy or fail to adhere to government directives of issuing such loans from its internal sources to the special groups will be disciplined.

Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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