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Dr Mwinyi makes additional appointments to improve service

Dr Mwinyi makes additional appointments to improve service

Zanzibar President, Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi on Monday made appointments of different leaders to fill positions in the Isle’s government. 

A statement released on by the Zanzibar’s Chief Secretary, Engineer Zena Said stated that President Mwinyi had appointed Dr. Juma Yakuti Juma to be the Deputy Secretary of the revolutionary council

President Mwinyi also appointed Suleiman Ali Suleiman as the Assistance Deputy Secretary of the revolutionary council (policy, monitoring and evaluation) and Dr Othman Abbas Ali as the government’s Controller and Auditor General

The President also appointed Yussuf Ibrahim Yussuf to be the Commissioner of Foreign Exchange department. Others who were appointed and their duties in blankets includes, Saumu Khatib Haji (Commissioner at the budget department), Haji Ali Haji (Director of Tax and Financial Policy department), Suleiman Mohammed Rashid (Director of Operations and Service department), and Mohammed Hassan Khamisi (Director of planning, policy and research department).

On the other hand, Dr Mwinyi appointed Siti Abbas Ali as the Commissioner of the National Planning, Development Sector and Poverty reduction department. He appointed Ahmed Makame Haji as the Commissioner of Economic Development department and Khamis Issa Mohammed as the (Afisa mhamini) Trustee Officer, Pemba Planning Commission.

According to the statement President Mwinyi also appointed Dr Mohammed Juma Abdalla as the Executive Secretary of the Tourism Commission, Hafsa Hassan Mbamba as the Director of the Marketing Department and Aviwa Issa Makame as the Director of Planning and Tourism Development Department

The appointment of all the appointees is effective September 13, 2021.

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