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Players must improve as new season looks tough

Players must improve as new season looks tough

TANZANIAN players need to be alert and ready for a hectic season which looks to be tough and highly challenging due to the fact that there are 16 teams instead of 18 that participated last year.

That forces local players engaged in the league to take the new season seriously by playing quality games against foreign players since that also helps to build a strong national team.

As the Tanzanian league continues to create a positive image in the face of football in Africa, home players have to take advantage of this success since there are four clubs playing CAF level tournament this season.

The development includes the significant contribution made by foreign players, who have been supporting our clubs to a large extent through their classy performance.

Despite their contribution, the presence of these foreign players is a lousy luck for home players in big clubs like Simba, Young Africans and Azam as foreign players fill the vacancies that home players could have filled.

For instance, in the forthcoming season, defending champions Simba have 12 foreign players, whereas Yanga have 11 players and Azam have reached 12 as well.

But on the other hand, it should be a lesson to the home players that the presence of foreign players is due to their incompetence in some of the positions; thus, they should take it as a challenge and compete for positions with foreign players rather than running away to other clubs.

So those players should look at the presence of foreign players as a challenge to nurture their talents. That is, they should enter into a competition for numbers against foreigners.

For instance, this year, John Bocco picked the golden boot after being dominated by foreign players for three previous seasons. He did not get the gold boot easily, but faced a challenge from his teammate Chris Mugalu, who scored 15 goals, Medie Kagere 13 and Prince Dube of Azam scored 15.

If local players keep competing for numbers against foreign players, they will help increase the quality of the national team.

Apart from competing for positions with foreign players, it has been an opportunity for home players to learn, as those from foreign players come with skills and experience that enhance the quality of our home players and, therefore, boost our national team quality.

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