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Abandoned human head cause panic in Sumbawanga

Abandoned human head cause panic in Sumbawanga

A HUMAN head wrapped in a piece of white cloth and kept in a cooking pot has caused panic and chaos in Mtakuja village along the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika in Nkasi District, Rukwa Region.

With no torso, the head was abandoned at a residential house and medical experts confirmed that it is a human head of a person, who was buried recently in the area.

Reports on the ground noted that curious residents rushed to the scene after the news of the lonely human head being found in the area spread like a bushfire.

The Rukwa Regional Police Commander (RPC) Mr William Mwampaghale confirmed that the incident occurred on July 25, this year at Mtakuja village.

He explained that the human head with fresh hair was abandoned in front of the house of Ms Theresia Nganyaga (75) alias Mama Raymond, who is living only with her daughter Regina Raymond.

“On early morning of July 25, this year Ms Regina woke up for a short call and when she went outside their house, she got a foul smell and alerted her mother,” the RPC said.

He further said that promoted her mother to report the incident to the nearby local authorities, who later informed the Police.

It was further reported that Mtakuja Village Chairman, Mr Bernard Emmanuel accompanied law enforcers to the homestead, where they discovered that what was wrapped in a piece of cloth was a human head.

According to Police it was a human head that was chopped off from a dead body that was buried in the area.

“The body was exhumed and they chopped off the head,” the RPC said. Mr Mwampaghale further said that police have however, arrested three people for allegedly exhuming the body and chopping off the head.

“After the medical experts conducted a postmortem the human head was reburied in the same grave,” he said.

The RPC said the three suspects whose names have been withheld will be arraigned in court after preliminary investigations are completed.

Meanwhile, some 40 people have been rendered homeless after their thatched houses were razed to ashes by unknown source of fire.

The RPC confirmed that the incident occurred on July 25, this year during midday at Korongwe village along the Lake Tanganyika shores in Nkasi District, adding: “The damage caused by inferno has been quantified and estimated to be more than 1.8m/-.”

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Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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