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‘Babu wa Loliondo’ Rev Ambilikile Mwasapile, 86, dies in Arusha

‘Babu wa Loliondo’ Rev Ambilikile Mwasapile, 86, dies in Arusha

Rev Ambilikile Mwasapile, famously known as Babu wa Loliondo, has passed away at Digodigo Health Centre in Samunge, Ngorongoro District in Arusha Region.

Speaking to the Daily News on Friday evening, Ngorongoro District Commissioner Raymond Mangwala confirmed the news over the phone and added that the 86-year-old was admitted at the facility on Friday at around 15hrs. 

At around 16hrs, the man who attracted multitudes to Loliondo by his miraculous traditional medicine dubbed 'Kikombe cha Babu' (grandpa cup), took his last breath at around 16:30.

The Octogenarian who took the Eastern and Central African region by storm for his self-proclaimed God given gift of healing chronic and incurable diseases on a sip of the cup died at Digodigo health center in Samunge , some fifty kilometres from Loliondo town in Arusha, today evening.
He added that a body of the deceased Babu wa Loliondo has been preserved at Waso Hospital, pending for the burial arrangements.

“It is true that he [Rev Ambilikile] has passed away this evening…more details will be shared after his family’s meeting,” the district boss said.

The District Commissioner was however non-committal on the real cause of the Babu’s death, who is also famed for treating nearly four million visitors, drawn by tales of miracle healings that have spread to all corners of East Africa.

Pastor Mwasapila who was in 1984 lured into the mineral business before changing his mind found himself in the Samunge in the 80s for a pastoral mission where he was ordained a pastor in the area.

In an interview with Edward Qorro, the Daily News writer, five years ago, the retired Pastor revealed that it was funny to see the attention he received in 2011, saying it led the press to corrupt the word Mgamriaga to become Mugariga to refer to the tree that produces the drink that is believed to cure the most chronic diseases including HIV/AIDS.

He famously Rev Mwasapila maintained that it was God who instructed him to charge Sh500 for a cup of the concocted medicine five years ago revealing that there were saying that there were some who wanted to give him extra money but he vowed not to go against God’s plan.

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Author:    Veronica Mheta and Edward Qorro

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