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DID YOU KNOW ? :Bagamoyo historical, tourists’ attraction sites

DID YOU KNOW ? :Bagamoyo historical, tourists’ attraction sites

FOR any visitor to Bagamoyo, there are several tourists and historical sites for studies worth visiting, which should include Kaole Ruins, Caravan Serai Museum, the German Boma “Germany State House”, the ancient Church in East Africa, the Bagamoyo Town and College of Arts “Chuo cha Sanaa.”

Bagamoyo Town-With its cobwebbed portals and crumbling German-era colonial buildings, central Bagamoyo, or Mji Mkongwe (Stone Town) as it’s known locally, is well worth exploration.

The most interesting area is along Ocean Rd. Here you’ll find the old German boma, built in 1897, and Liku House, which served as the German administrative headquarters.

There is also a school, which dates from the late 19th century and was the first multiracial school in what is now Tanzania. On the beach is the German customs house (1895); Bagamoyo’s port, where you can watch boat builders at work; and a busy fish market (on the site of the old slave market), with lively auctions most afternoons.

Northwest of here are several small streets lined with carved doors similar to those found elsewhere along the Coast. Further south is the mid-19thcentury Old Fort.

The ridiculously steep fee levied to walk around the old town (required if you want to take photos or enter any of the buildings) is payable at the Antiquities Branch Office at the Old Fort, where you can also get a guide. For instance, the Kaole Ruins-Just southeast of Bagamoyo are these atmospheric ruins.

At their centre are the remains of a 13th-century mosque, which is one of the oldest in mainland Tanzania and also one of the oldest in East Africa.

It was built in the days when the Sultan of Kilwa held sway over coastal trade, and long before Bagamoyo had assumed any significance.


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