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Mayay promises full support to TFF

Mayay promises full support to TFF

AFTER being declared unfit to vie for the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) presidential seat, a renowned sports analyst Ally Mayay said he will continue to support development of football outside leadership umbrella.

Mayay together with former Malindi legislator Ally Saleh and radio presenter Oscar Oscar on Wednesday were omitted from contesting for the federation's top seat due to failure to get the required number of endorsements and uncertified copies of their certificates.

TFF's Electoral Committee Vice-Chairman Benjamin Kalume announced that Evans Mgeusa and Hawa Mniga have been cleared to challenge the incumbent president Wallace Karia in the race for the presidential seat after meeting all criteria to compete for the post. Briefing members of the media yesterday in Dar es Salaam, Mayay repeatedly said he will continue to offer his help for the sake of promoting football in the country from outside the leadership role.

“It is not a must to be a leader to offer your help in promoting football. I have played football and I have vast experience on what happens on the ground hence my contribution to this beautiful game will always be there as long as I live. “In my capacity as Chairman of the Tanzania Football Legends Association (TFLA) and a member of Soccer Players Union of Tanzania (SPUTANZA), it is my responsibility to assist uplifting football standards in the country whenever I want to," Mayay said.

He further said that to see almost 80 per cent of discussions going on via different platforms are on the forthcoming TFF General Election, saying it was a very big achievement which will give room to make several amendments helpful for future TFF elections.

“With the ongoing debate, I believe that they will bring more fundamental opinions and as you know, development can never be achieved without giving people a platform to discuss their views concerning a particular subject," said the former Taifa Stars skipper.

He therefore, provided free guidelines to any of the cleared candidates to follow if they so whish, of which, he said he could have used them during campaign period to win votes.

“Now that I’m no longer in the race, the following could help any of the vying contestants in their endeavor to reach far in the competition. “The first thing is for the federation to increase the number of its members. This could have been one of my top agenda during the campaign period. For instance, in other countries like South Africa, their federation has Banks and Universities as their members which helps a lot when it comes to research and financial issues,” said Mayay.

The second agenda he said he could have drummed during his campaign is to let the Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) be an independent organ, fully owned by clubs and to enable it work without interference. He also pointed out that the issue of making sure that Regional football bodies put aside lands for constructing football venues.

Lastly, he said he could have also made sure that the federation work with research institutions, saying some policies capable to develop football are not attained just because researches are not given priority.

He therefore, thanked people who showed trust and encouraged him to compete for the federation's presidential seat, calling them to continue giving out their inputs for the sake of Tanzania football.

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