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Govt vows to empower youth

Govt vows to empower youth

THE government has reaffirmed its resolve to empower the country’s younger generation socially, economically and politically to ensure they play a vital role in the development of the nation.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan made the pledge yesterday during her meeting with youths in Mwanza region, saying youth empowerment is among top agendas of her government.

President Samia maintained that the sixth phase government would champion the welfare of youth by providing them with relevant platforms for leadership positions, business opportunities, covering social and development aspects.

At the event that was beamed live, the Head of State also hinted that she will soon release the names of new DCs, DED and District Administrative Secretaries (DASs), saying majority of the new appointees will belong to the younger age.

However, she demanded young people to exercise the highest degree of integrity and honesty when serving public offices, saying they should deliver to the maximum expectations of the appointing authority and the general public at large.

President Samia also said that the government under the support of African Development Bank (AfDB) would establish a petty trader’s bank that will be providing loans for hawkers.

“This would enable youth to have access to quick loans for business establishment and supporting the growth of youth entrepreneurs,” she said, noting that the government has also been implementing a number of loan schemes for the youth.

She also asked the youth who have secured loans to ensure timely repayment for the money to benefit more people, in line with the government’s efforts to improve the economic wellbeing of Tanzanian youth.

“Youth have been given access to loans under different schemes, I’m asking the beneficiaries to be honest and return the money on time,” she said.

In another development, the president also challenged youth wings of all political parties to spare time to discuss and come up with suggestions on how the government should address challenges they are facing, for the greater interest of the younger generation.

“Instead of carrying political agenda, it’s high time for associations of youth to come up with suggestions on different changes and improvements that have to be done, in supporting their welfare,” she noted.

Tanzania has the largest population in East Africa and the lowest population density; almost a third of the population is urban. Tanzania’s youthful population – about two-thirds of the population is under 25 – is growing rapidly because of the high total fertility rate of 4.8 children per woman.


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