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Finance Minister proposes changes on roads and fuel law

Finance Minister proposes changes on roads and fuel law

THE government proposed Thursday additional 100/- fee on every litter of gasoil and diesel to generate extra monies to improve rural roads.

Dr. Mwigulu Nchemba, Finance and Planning Minister announced the new amendiments in the Roads and Fuel tolls act, cap 220 when tabling the national budget in the National Assembly.

He said the government intends to amend section 4 A (a) of the Act in order to provide the Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (Tarura) access to amount collected from diesel and petrol to maintain rural roads.

The measures, he said will generate 322.15bn/-, he said. In addition, the Minister said the government also proposes amendments of the Petroleum Act, CAP 392 to increase fuel levy from 150/- to 250/-.

The measure, he said intends to reduce adulterations of fuels due to the increase of road and fuel tolls on petrol and diesel.

Dr Nchemba said the state of our roads has a serious impact to our society as some expecting mothers have lost their lives due to delays to quickly arrive at healthcare facilities.


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