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Shell Tanzania, KJF supports local students

Shell Tanzania, KJF supports local students

A GLOBAL energy company and operator of two offshore blocks 1 and 4 in Lindi Region, Shell Tanzania, has joined efforts with the Karimjee Jivanjee Foundation (KJF) to support young Tanzania students with practical skills in science and technology to be able to contribute to the country’s economy.

The incoming Vice President and Country Chair for Shell Tanzania Jared Kuehl said that the support is dedicated to encourage and develop science and innovation for youth under the Young Scientists Tanzania programme (YST).

YST is a grassroots STEM capacity-building initiative that encourages academic ambition and provides much needed scientific research opportunities for secondary school students in Tanzania.

The programme (YST) serves as a unique platform allowing young people across the country to demonstrate their scientific and innovative talents through their projects.

“We have been pleased to support the YST project since 2013 helping to improve science in secondary schools and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to support the YST exhibitions in 2021 as one of the main sponsors,” Kuehl said when addressing the media recently in Dar es Salaam.

The president said that the company believes that youth are energetic enough to influence changes in society, therefore empowering them with scientific and innovative skills is the potential seed that will yield positive results.

He added that the YST programme has got a model for making science easier for students, and since the beginning of the programme the students have been so enthusiastic and dedicated to practising science practically.

“At Shell Tanzania, we believe science works for life, and we are highly encouraging the young students to generate science creativity so that they can be supportive of their country,” he explained.

YST exhibitions continue to be consistent with our commitment to promote science and technology, engineering and mathematics education in secondary schools.

“The methodology used in the YST project supports students to be innovative, curious and dedicated as well as fosters a science culture,” he said.

“Over the year we have seen an increase in the number of students participating in the YST exhibitions, the turn up which shows that the programme is successful,” Kuehl added.

The Chairman of KJF, Yusuph Karimjee said that their institution has supported causes and organizations that share its values and tradition, we believe in the long term and sustainable action to tackle the social challenges facing the country and its communities.

KJF has been a proud sponsor to YST for 11 consecutive years providing scholarships to overall YST students winners and to the winners of the special education category, to undertake and complete their university studies after the completion of their high school education.

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