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Yanga resolve bickering with Moro, Metacha

Yanga resolve bickering with Moro, Metacha

YOUNG Africans have confirmed to have resolved recent misunderstanding which arose with their three players MetachaMnata, Michael Saprong and Lamine Moro.

The trio were allegedly sidelined in the past two matches after being accused of misconducts but now, according to the club’s Acting General Secretary Haji Mfikirwa, everything is well.

“All the players who were implicated in misconduct have been pardoned to continue serving the club after an internal meeting which was held by the management and the trio. “As a club, we have internal procedures we follow to solve such cases. People should just know that we have resolved the matter, taking into consideration all the requirements,” he said.

He added that the three players conceded their misconducts and requested for leniency... each side is convinced and life continues.

“Whenever our player(s) break the set up laws, we refer them to the available code of conduct which state clearly what sort of action should be taken in proportion to the mistake conducted,” he said.

In another development, the club admitted that its communication department despite doing a good job, it was still facing myriads of challenges.

“It is true that we have some problems with our communication section but all these setbacks will be resolved when the club will fully embrace transformation,” said the club’s Vice-Chairman of Registration Committee Hersi Said.

He continued that once fully transformed, they will put more weight on the Fans Engagement which will lead to get extra new members for the club.

He did not go into details on the kind of challenges the department was facing. The current communication section comprises of Hassan Bumbuli and Antonio Nugaz, who are responsible to disseminate information of the club.

With five games remaining before ending the season, the Jangwani Street based club stay put on second place with 61 points after 29 top flight league meetings.

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