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54 foreign firms coming for ‘Sabasaba’

54 foreign firms coming for ‘Sabasaba’

Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) said 7 countries and 54 foreign companies have confirmed to take part on the 45th edition of Dar es Salaam International Trade Fairs despite coronavirus challenges.

The authority said some 2,803 local participants had also confirmed to take part, during the largest business fair in the region, slated to start last Monday of next month and end almost mid-July.

TanTrade acting Head of Information and Communication, Edward Nkomola, named the countries that had confirmed to participate as China, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, Syria, India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“The authority encouraged the business community, public and private institutions from within and outside the country” to register for participation in the Fairs for better result, Mr Nkomola said through a public notice.

The government, according to TanTrade, has created an environment that will enable entrepreneurs to build a wider business network.

Also TanTrade, during the Fairs, will provide business clinic service to entrepreneurs, aimed at improving and enhancing good business environment for sustainable business growth including access to modern technology.

The authority will conduct Business to Business (B2B) meetings which will be held online via, Zoom meetings,due to coronavirus pandemic, aiming at finding markets for products and services produced in the country.

“In addition, there will be a Business Clinic service for entrepreneurs to improve and enhance the enabling environment for sustainable business growth in the country including access to simple and modern technologies,” he said.

Meanwhile TanTrade has identified three special areas that will make it easier for visitors and participants/ exhibitors to access relevant services.

These areas are agriculture zone, mining zone and a small industrial and entrepreneurs area. These zones will enable exhibitors to showcase and sell their products and access local and foreign markets.

The agricultural zone will house institutions under the Ministry of Agriculture such as crop boards, producers of agricultural inputs and technologies and other stakeholders.

The exhibitors under this pavilion will participate in Zoom meetings. Similarly, the mining zone pavilion will accommodate stakeholders in the sector including jewellers.

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