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Samia issues stern warning to criminals

Samia issues stern warning to criminals

CRIMINAL gangs that have become a major menace in Dar es salaam and other parts of the country in recent days were yesterday warned, to stop their activities or face the music from security organs.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan said yesterday that there were signs of security laxity in the city and that she was not happy with the situation.

She ordered the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Simon Sirro to act immediately on the situation by intensifying security in the country’s largest commercial city.

President Samia made the statement yesterday when addressing Dar es Salaam elders, where she also reassured of the government’s determination to enhance national safety through use of the country’s security forces.

“Recently there have been signs of laxity of security in Dar es Salaam, I want to tell those involved in criminal acts that they should not try the government, the IGP should work on this with immediate effect,” she instructed.

As part of efforts to provide a long lasting solution to crimes, the head of state asked parents and guardians to provide proper guidance to their children for them to have proper morals for the national interest.

President Samia’s statement has come a few days after the Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone arrested 161 people for allegedly being involved in the theft of motorcycles, vehicles, and spare parts.

Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, Lazaro Mambosasa said recently that the suspects were arrested in various parts of the city during the ongoing operations that commenced in April 2021.

He said in last month’s operation, they cornered 49 people for the same reasons, adding that new suspects were arrested between 26 April 2021 and 2 May 2021.

“Of the 161 suspects, five of them have been arrested in Zanzibar with 40 stolen motorcycles. The suspects have been stealing motorcycles here in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro and Coast regions and taking them to Zanzibar to search for customers,” he said.

In another development, President Samia reiterated her commitment to build national unity and fostering development by appointing qualified and competent Tanzanians in various posts.

“Since all we want is development, I have to make it clear that in my appointments, I won’t be considering political affiliation of the appointee, but the competence,” she explained.

Adding; “It won’t matter what political party the appointee will be coming from, whoever will be capable of bringing transformation will be appointed.”

In doing so, she affirmed that the government will be able to carry on with implementation of all the ongoing strategic infrastructural projects, such as construction of roads, railways and bridges.

According to her, such projects will go together with proper provision of communication services to various parts of the country, in a grand plan to create a conducive environment for investors.

“We are going to bring major reforms, and in case these changes will in one way or another affect your relatives or children, then you must be informed that it is done for the sake of spearheading national development,” she cautioned.

Going forward, the Head of State expressed the need for Tanzania to continue maintaining bilateral ties and mutual understanding with other countries.

Speaking of the development projects that are being executed in Dar es Salaam; Ms Samia commended the timely completion of water projects in different parts of the region, calling for proper supervision so that they could last longer.

“As we have supplied water projects in Kigamboni and other areas that have suffered for a long time, I ask responsible authorities to refrain from hiking water bills to customers,” she said.

UPDATE: Sabaya, co-accused deny armed robbery charges 

Former Hai District Commissioner Lengai Ole Sabaya ...


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