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You cannot eat your cake and have it

You cannot eat your cake and have it

FOR those of you who read the Bible, they definitely have come across the term ‘Forbidden Fruit’, and some can even tell you the whole story about that particular fruit.

But for those of you who see the Bible as a police post, watu ambao kusoma Biblia kwao ni mwiko, I will enlighten you and tell you that the fruit involved the first humans, a. k. a Adam and Eve. And because this is not a Sunday school session, whether they ate that ‘fruit’ literally or otherwise is not so important, but at least you should know about the fruit…… sijui nimeeleweka?

What I am trying to bring to you today is somehow linked to that forbidden fruit, the fruit that was banned from being eaten but, kwa sababu watu ni wabishi, walikula tu. You see, I always tell you that I usually speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, therefore today I will speak about the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit, so help me God.

After Adam and Eve ate the fruit, God was mad with them, so He chased them from the garden where they called home, akawaambia kwa sababu mlijifanya wajuaji, nendeni mkajipange. One thing led to another, until another time when God issued another command, go ye forth and fill the earth, nendeni mkaujaze ulimwengu, I know I don’t have to tell you what this means.

What riles me the most is that there are people, watoto wa kiume, who really know how to play with that verse, kwa sababu kazi yao ni kutia watoto wa wenyewe mimba and then they do a disappearing act. Wapo wengi tu, msiniangalie kama hamnioni, there are men, both young and old, married and unmarried, who take advantage of young girls and then refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

Men have been notorious in making girls pregnant and then taking off to the hills immediately they tell them about missing periods….. wengine wanawafokea eti nenda kazitafute. Wapo ambao when they learn about the situation, they get ready to the task of being fathers, while others just give meaning to the saying that not every male is a man.

While others just chicken out and get colder like the female in question was an alien, hawa ndio ninao wazungumzia. They are champions when it comes to munching the forbidden fruit, but they are sleek when it comes to accepting the consequences of the act…. Nawajua, wapo wengi.

Kuna wengine they meet an innocent girl, still a virgin, and by the time they are done with them, the poor child is pregnant..... and guess what the fellow does….. anaikana. In most African cities, we are dealing with the problem of increasing number of street children, and we still wonder why this problem never goes away, ni kwa sababu ya wahuni kama hao.

Some are even married men, mtu na mke wake na watoto, taking advantage of someone else’s daughter to fulfill his lust, and when it ‘pays off’, you take to your heels…. All I can say to you is.. shame on you! I know someone who abandoned a girl when she became pregnant some years ago, but resurfaced when the child made it in life…yaani bila aibu kabisa!

A child, according to what we have been taught in Africa, is a blessing, which means that if you abandon it, Mungu hatakuacha salama, nawaambia ukweli kabisa. Mnajifanya wataalam wa kuruka viunzi, but I assure you, what goes round always comes around, and you should know that God works in very mysterious ways, kama hamniamini basi tena.

When you get a poor girl pregnant, my friend, take responsibility, ulienda mwenyewe, nobody forced you, that is why it is very unfair to leave it to the poor girl to handle. Whatever the circumstances, you’re in this together. The child growing within her was created by the two of you, hiyo mimba hakuingiza mwenyewe.

Believe me, it takes a bigger, more courageous person to man up and take responsibility than to handball the decision to her, it is not fair at all na Mungu pia hapendi. You have what it takes to be a fantastic father and supporter, so walk this difficult path with her, you ate the ‘fruit’ happily, then take charge with the same enthusiasm you exhibited when you were eating the forbidden fruit, nadhani naeleweka.

Men who abandon their girlfriends are nothing but immature, believe me, because a man is supposed to take up responsibility and raise their kids like they are supposed to, sio kukimbia kama mwehu. In the African setting, you are in the relationship for the long haul once you commit to take it to the next level, therefore if you go ahead and make her pregnant, you should know that it is your responsibility, ikiwezekana muoe kabisa.

Wengine eti ooh, ningemuoa lakini sio wife material, without batting an eyelid. This is because sometimes they knock up ladies that aren’t up to the task of being a wife.

These are men who don’t want to tie their life down to one woman, watu ambao wanaogopa majukumu, because they probably want to be free from the entanglement of family and responsibility, and all they want to do is to hop from one cookie jar to another.

Ni tabia mbaya sana nawaambia, and that is why I always tell young men that if they believe they are not ready to raise a family, then they should avoid playing family games, it is as simple as that. Ama kama unaona kweli michezo lazima ucheze but you are not ready for any consequences, then for crying out loud, use protection, kwani mnadhani condoms ni mapambo ya ukutani?

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