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PWDs benefit from entrepreneurship training

PWDs benefit from entrepreneurship training

THE government has been providing various entrepreneurship training to people with disabilities to enable them overcome poverty, the National Assembly was told.

Deputy Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Ummy Ndelyananga explained that the government through annual budgets has been allocating funds to facilitate the training for persons with disabilities at various levels, including all district councils in the country.

She said that trainings through the councils have been provided as an important condition when providing loans of two per cent of the local revenue of the respective councils for economic empowerment of Persons with Disabilities.

The deputy minister was responding to a question from Mwantum Dau Haji (Special Seats-CCM) who wanted to know when the government will start providing entrepreneurship training to People with Disabilities.

She told the House that the government, in collaboration with stakeholders, has been providing entrepreneurship training to Persons with Disabilities in various fields with the aim of enabling them to be self-employed and actively participate in economic activities and enable them to overcome poverty.

For example, he said, in the Dar es Salaam region alone, for the year 2019/2020, more than 160 Entrepreneurs with Disabilities were provided with entrepreneurship training, financial management and the establishment of sustainable projects.

“These training included the Office of the Prime Minister, the People’s Economic Empowerment Council, the Bank of Tanzania, NSSF, Exim Bank, the Federation of Associations of Persons with Disabilities (SHIVYAWATA), Associations of Persons with Disabilities and other stakeholders,” she said.

Similarly, according to the Deputy Minister, the empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in entrepreneurship training has continued to take place through their Associations during various events bringing them together.

These events include the General Meetings of their Associations as well as the various Celebrations of Persons with Disabilities which are held annually in the country.

In a supplementary question, the MP explained that the society sees people with disabilities could not do any job, including entrepreneurship. Thus, she wanted to know the government’s strategy to enable them to become economically independent.

Responding, the Deputy Minister said the government would continue to provide education and through the Prime Minister’s office, they would crack down all those stigmatizing people with disabilities and take appropriate action.

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