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Zanzibar hosts research  week on Blue Economy

Zanzibar hosts research week on Blue Economy

Zanzibar said on Thursday that more research and innovation is required to support implementation of its ‘Blue Economy policy’ to achieve the intended goals.

The Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries, Permanent Secretary (PS), Dr Aboud Jumbe Aboud, has said Zanzibar needs researches and innovations to forge ahead its blue economy ambition.

“We need research and innovations to support our blue economy policy,” he said when officiating the sixth ‘Research and Innovation’ week organised by the University of Dar es Salaam at its Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS), Buyu campus in Unguja West B District.

The event was held under the title ‘Saving our ocean, blue recovery, coastal and marine diversity, combating marine pollution, climate change, and building up on our blue economy. The PS argued that discussing and addressing research in ocean science is critical because without ocean science, the country cannot develop ocean policy aspects and will not be able to engage the blue economy as it should.

Dr Jumbe said that a science-to-policy dialogue through a dynamic, integrated, comprehensive, and participatory process was needed to provide a sustainable response plan.

“We now have a blue economy policy with special focus on fisheries, mariculture, tourism, maritime governance, oil and gas development and renewable energy. “Our policy also underscores the critical importance of research, innovation and knowledge about these ocean-based sectors and blue economy,” Dr Jumbe said.

He said that for the blue economy goals to be realised, more capacity building, awareness, technology, research and development are required. Mr Mbiru Moses, a PhD student at the University of Dar es Salaam said that the research and innovation week enables them to meet people and educate them about marine science.

About 50 departments from the university were taking part in the innovation week.

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