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Kudos TBF for nationwide basketball revival

VIGILANCE in implementing and collective efforts from basketball stakeholders are vital in the basketball revival projects now being implemented countrywide by Tanzania Basketball Federation (TBF).

We wholeheartedly give kudos to TBF as it is doing much to ensure the sport regain its lost glory.

Most of us have not forgotten how basketball sponsors pushed basketball to a sky-high success in 1990s and 2000s, and we all witnessed it fade from limelight after its chief sponsor backed away.

We believe basketball won’t take long to regain its lost glory if its revival projects are effectively implemented spearheaded by the recently announced project to construct public courts in every region supporting.

It’s crystal clear that construction of public courts will be very successful because the project has secured good financiers. That came after the recent agreement between TBF and Sami Matar, Chief Executive Officer of Premier Betting, James Mbalwe, CEO of Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT).

The public courts, as it was unveiled by TBF President Phares Magesa, will be constructed by Premier Betting through the Premier Projects as part of their programmes to give back to the community.

We would prefer the implementation of this project to start without a delay, while we urge TBF to start preparing conducive environment for the youth seeking benefits of the project.

We are very sure if the project is effectively and timely carried, it will fast-track development and promotion of the sport in all regions.

While we warmly welcome the construction of public courts, we would like to urge city and municipal councils countrywide to provide some public areas that can be used to construct the courts for public uses.

While we commend the firms that have initiated the project we appeal other firms to join the bandwagon to TBF in different areas.

We see basketball heading for a new dawn as the public courts project came a few weeks after TBF in collaboration with the Tanzania Basketball Coaches Association (TBCA) successfully conducted training for basketball coaches at various levels.

The courses seem to correspond with courts project since coaches’ course involved secondary school teachers and basketball coaches national Level 1.

We end up commending the President of TBF for the efforts and urge him increase efforts in raising basketball to the higher levels.

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan on Friday assured ...

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