Over 5000 inmates receives Union Day Amnesty

Over 5000 inmates receives Union Day Amnesty

President Samia Suluhu Hassan on Monday pardoned 5,001 prisoners who were sentenced to various prison terms, as part of commemorating the 57th union anniversary.

A statement released by the Directorate of Presidental Communications in Dodoma detailed that 1,316 prisoners have been freed after serving quarter of their sentence subject to section 38 of the Prisons law.

It said other 3,485 inmates will have a reduced sentence by a quarter of their sentences in lieu of the standard one-third reduction under section 49 of the Prisons Act chapter 38.

The statement said 3,483 prisoners whose sentences had been reduced would continue to serve the remainding days in prison.

President Samia wished all Tanzanians a peaceful 57th anniversary of the union and urged people to reflect on the various efforts made to build the nation as well as everyone's responsibility towards building a strong nation.

President Samia insisted to continue to nurture, protect and enhence the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar for the benefit of Tanzanians on both sides.


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