…Drums for Covid-19 preventive measures

…Drums for Covid-19 preventive measures

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan yesterday asked religious leaders to keep on encouraging believers to observe protective measures proposed by health experts on checking the spread of coronavirus.

“Religions leaders are in a good position of persuading Tanzanians through their teachings. We must continue taking care, the virus is still there although the situation in Tanzania is not that alarming,” she said.

Equally, she asked the religious leaders to preach peace in their pulpits, adding that they have a great role in disseminating education on unity and preventing spread of the pandemic.

President Samia made the statement during a special symposium organised by the religious leaders to honour the life of the former President, the late Dr John Magufuli and pray for her.

Elaborating, she asked Tanzanians to keep adhering to the protective guidelines against coronavirus as recommended by health experts such as maintaining social distancing, hand washing with soap and using sanitisers as well as wearing face masks.

She noted that since the virus has a tendency of mutating, it was crucial for the country to continue observing the recommended protective measures in a bid to prevent its spread that is affecting the globe.

Adding: “Last year when we announced the presence of coronavirus for the first time in Tanzania, religious leaders played a great role in disseminating public education on the protective measures; I’m encouraging you to maintain the same spirit.”

In a related development, President Samia said she had already formed a special team of experts to examine the Covid-19 issues and as well suggest remedies.

She said, she will meet with the team together with officials from the ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children alongside the ministry of Finance and Planning.

“Upon accomplishment of the task, I will announce the findings for the way forward as suggested by the special team,” she expounded.

Early of this month, President Samia announced her intention to form a special team of experts to handle Covid-19 issues in Tanzania, noting the country cannot remain as an Island as far as the global pandemic is concerned.

She said: “The government ought to have a clear stand on the matter…you read about Covid-19 from other parts of the world but Tanzania dash… dash…dash….we are not understood. Let’s understand whether we deny or accept.


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