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400 cylinders seized for insufficient gas volume

THE Weight and Measure Agency (WMA) has seized 400 gas cylinders for domestic use after identifying that they had deficient gas volume in Kilimanjaro region.

Acting WMA Regional Manager, Mr Dennis Misango said in Moshi on Thursday that his agency was out to ensure that companies dealing with gas business do it in accordance with the law and it would keep taking action against fraudulent traders. Mr Misango said that after seizing the cylinders, WMA charged the respective company (did not mention it) more than 8m/- fine so that it serves as a lesson to other companies with intent to do the same.

The company was consequently ordered to take the cylinders back for filling adequately before selling. The WMA has started an operation throughout the region after receiving complaints from consumers about cylinders not being filled to the full, a trick employed by some companies with intent to get more profit, something that is against the law.

The strange thing is that only gas cylinders measuring six kilogrammes are the ones that had no adequate gas. “We have carried out inspection operations and found out that many of the six-kilogramme gas cylinders have incomplete gas volumes. So far, we have seized 400 gas cylinders, and we ordered the company to return them to the factory to satisfactorily refill them. And we charged the company more than 8m/- fine so that it serves as a lesson to other companies,” explained Mr Misango. The history of Weights and Measures is traced back since the early human civilisation.

The Measurement System is undoubtedly one of man’s greatest and most important inventions that cannot be left aside in the history of evolution of civilisation. Mr Misango moreover warned that selling less volume for the same price was just fraud like other crimes and he called upon consumers to cultivate a culture of getting their gas cylinders weighed before taking them home, so as to root out the bad habit and protect public interest.

Economies in the world depend on reliable measurements that are trusted and accepted internationally. This facilitates trade and reduces transaction costs. In 1960, the Weights and Measures Ordinance, Cap.221 was repealed by enactment of the Weights and Measures Ordinance, Cap.426 of 1960 which placed the role of the Weights and Measures under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Throughout its history, the Bureau has gone through numerous process of change to respond to a dynamic environment. In 2002 the Bureau was transformed into an Agency under the Executive Agency establishment order No. 194 in pursuance of the Executive Agency Act No. 30 of 1997. The move was part of the Public Sector Reform Programme (PSRP) that was aimed at improving effectiveness and efficiency of public service delivery.

The Weights and Measures Bureau became an Executive Agency and borne a new title the ‘Weights and Measures Agency’ (WMA). The Agency performs its functions in pursuance of the Weights and Measures Act Cap.340 (R.E. 2002) together with its cognate Regulations.

In its activities, WMA strives to meet the state and public expectations in protecting consumers and providing a level playing field for business competition. 

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