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ACB to digitise services delivery after merging

AKIBA Commercial Bank (ACB) aims to further improve existing services, introduce new products as per market requirements, including digitising its operations. The lender said it will digitalise its operation, products and services, after injecting fresh capital amounting to 17bn/- following its merger with National Bank of Malawi (NBM) recently.

ACB acting Managing Director Juliana Swai said after the merger the bank opened a new business chapter and will soon introduce new customer services.

“This joint venture will bring about positive change in the banking industry following extensive experience in the financial sector for these two institutions,” Ms Swai said.

Some ACB customers in Mwanza said they are now comfortable and have new spirit in expanding their business portfolio. The merging, they said will benefit them as they are now expecting to get new opportunities including loans which will assist in developing their business and lives as well.

“I am looking forward to expanding my business in the coming years plus improving my life and that of family in general,” Ms Yunis Manyenye, a business woman at Rwegasore area in Mwanza city, said.

Another customer, Mr Jonas Lwempisi and a wholesale garment trade also from Rwegasore, said the information from the bank after merging raised his expectation for the better services to come.

“Honestly speaking,” Mr Lwempisi said, “this merging brings me hope for accessing affordable services.” The merging and 17bn/- capital injection set to improve ACB services delivery by establishing new services including the digital bank services to meet the market demands.

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