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Foreign affairs minister ‘relocated’ to the Ministry of justice?

IN putting together her Cabinet, President Samia Suluhu Hassan, brought in Ambassador Liberata Mulamula, 65, as Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation.

In a lengthy article appearing on page 5, the Good Citizen (3 April) narrates to us: “Why the choice of Mulamula as Foreign Minister is lauded”. “Although Ms Mulamula is joining the cabinet for the first time, she has a 35-year experience as a diplomat who represented Tanzania in different missions and other international bodies”.

I am tempted to add my own reason for the choice: Her name. Mulamula is a respected tree in parts of the Lake Zone, which is used to mark boundaries between traditional pieces of land. It is a fair plant. It does not grow huge roots or branches that could eat into a neighbour’s land.

You see a mulamula (Dracaena afromontana), you see fairness, you see justice, you see impartiality; you see diplomacy. All the best, Ambassador Mulamula. According to the Good Citizen, Ambassador Mulamula: “Replaced Professor Palamagamba Kabudi, a law don, who was ‘relocated’ to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.”

I have concern with the use of the verb “relocated” since it means: “move to a new place and establish one’s home or business there”. It has something to do with geographical movement. Many public servants have had to relocate to Dodoma, from Dar es Salaam and elsewhere, in view of the shifting of the Country’s capital to this centrally located city.

So, was Prof Kabudi ‘relocated’? I would have gone for other verbs such as “transferred to” or “moved to” for the sentence to read as follows: “Ambassador Mulamula replaced Professor Palamagamba Kabudi, a law don, who was ‘transferred’ (or ‘moved’) to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.”

We wish Professor Kabudi, all the success in his new position. HE the President will soon release the cast of who should be who in Regional Administration and Local Government. Mbeya Region would be of interest since it is famous for competitive politics, but it is also famous for being part of the country where public flogging is hailed.

A top regional official who caned errant secondary school students in public a few months ago, received accolades, despite protests from advocates of human rights. But, hold on, even in Mbeya, floggers may be equal, but some are more equal that others, as can be deduced from this headline in the Custodian of 1 April (p. 2): “Police hold Chinese National for beating up 2 Tanzanians”.

What happened? “Police in Mbeya Region have detained a Chinese National XY for beating up two Tanzanians who are drivers of a lottery company named Bonanza ……”. According to the RPC: “A ‘report’ started making rounds in the social media showing the suspect harshly ‘beating up them’, hence the police moved in and arrested him”.

It looks like what made the rounds was a video, so the sentence could be adjusted to reflect this: “A video started making rounds in the social media showing the suspect harshly beating them up (not ‘beating up them’), hence the police moved in and arrested him”.

The RPC is reported to have: “warned foreign investors to stop humiliating and harassing locals by taking the law in their own hands…..” Moral: you can flog people, but you must not be a foreign investor. Still in Mbeya the RPC is reported to have: “claimed that the Police had detained five people, all ‘Congo’ DRC citizens for entering the country illegally. The five were arrested as they were travelling in a Sassebosa bus that ‘ply’ between Mbeya, Chunya and Tabora”.

These days you do not talk of “Congo DRC” (as was the case in the past, Congo Kinshasha, Congo Brazzaville). DRC stands for Democratic Republic of Congo. So the arrested guys were DRC citizens, and the bus they were arrested travelling in ‘plies’ (not ‘ply) between Mbeya, Chunya and Tabora. Enjoy your weekend! lusuggakironde@gmail.com

HER Excellency, President Samia Suluhu Hassan has ...


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