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Time to restore business confidence

YESTERDAY President Samia Suluhu Hassan swore in Permanent Secretaries, their deputies and some heads of public entities in Dar es Salaam.

It was yet another day when President Samia delivered an arousing but tough speech that might have quenched the thirst of Tanzanians and perhaps other people around the world who have been following Tanzania’s politics and other affairs, especially prospective investors.

The Head of State’s speech gave a direction in which each ministry and public entity is supposed to move in terms of performance.

Though she spoke on a number of issues ranging from infrastructure, energy, information, land conflicts, mining, education, water and health services to sports and culture, building a conducive environment to attract investors featured prominently in her speech.

The president spent much time speaking about some hostile practices that are counterproductive to the country’s drive of attracting investment and trade.

Placing the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Tanzania Revenue Authority(TRA), the Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation (TASAC),Tanzania Ports Authority ( TPA), Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA), the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Investment) among others at the core of her speech, President Samia directed their leaders and staff to work on the stumbling blocks that hinder trade and investment growth in the country.

Understandably, some authorities, agencies and corporations are playing a fundamental role in the country’s economic growth but some of them have been slowing down the pace of business and investment sector growth.

According to Mama Samia, reports are evident that some investors have been closing their businesses, fleeing to other countries, escaping an unfriendly business environment which is caused by bureaucracy, indecisiveness and some unfriendly taxes and laws.

In this world of stiff business competition nations around the world compete to attract investments and business, things that help the governments to create jobs and increase revenue generation.

It sounds rather absurd when a public entity becomes a stumbling block, countering the government’s efforts to take the country to the next level of development through attracting investments and businesses.

There is no doubt that this is one of the reasons that prompted President Samia to make new appointments of heads to public institutions, including reshuffling ministers, permanent secretaries and their deputies.

All top leaders ranging from President Samia herself, Vice President Dr Philip Mpango to Chief Secretary Hussein Katanga have clearly stated that all these problems will be resolved if government institutions stop working in silos.

ON Friday, Minister for State in the ...

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