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Drawings complete for new stadium in Dodoma-Abbasi

Drawings complete for new stadium in Dodoma-Abbasi

CONSTRUCTION of the ultramodern Stadium in the capital city Dodoma is set to begin soon, as construction tender is at its final procedures.

This was revealed in Dodoma by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Dr Hassan Abbasi.

Dr Abbasi, who also is the Government Chief Spokesman, said that the drawings of the stadium have already been completed and a 230-acre of land has been allocated for the project.

He also said the budget for the construction of the eagerly awaited ultra-modern venue is allocated in the ministry’s 2021/2022 budget estimates which will be unveiled at Parliament budget session.

“This is among the fifth phase government promises, which are continuing to be implemented. The architectural drawing has been completed; the area of the stadium has been acquired, where we have allocated more than 230 acres. We are currently finalising procedures to be able to announce tenders. “What I can promise today to athletes and Tanzanians in general, is that the tender will be announced this year and when the tender process is completed, we will start the construction,” he disclosed.

Abbasi further urged club spokespersons in the country to adhere the codes of ethics that guide their professionalism when making statements, instead of reporting on issues that could lead to misunderstandings among clubs.

He reminded them that they had previous received training on how to provide valid and balance information; instead, they have been violating the code of ethics.

Dr Abbasi said these spokespersons had received training twice between November and December last year and between January and February this year on reporting in their clubs, so he is looking forward to see changes in their reporting.

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