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Fish traders ask govt to set mechanism for fishing bladder

FISH traders have urged the government to set up official mechanisms for fish gallbladder, commonly known as ‘bondo' business, whose profit is far ahead of other products available in Lake Victoria.

One of the mechanisms should be official directives on separation of gallbladder from the fish, to let each product stand alone in the market.

The traders made the call over the weekend, during the stakeholders’ meeting to discuss protection and participatory management of fishery resources in Lake Victoria.

According to them, a kilogramme of gallbladder ranges between 45,000/- and 300,000/- depending on the size, because gallbladder gets quality according how the fish grows up.

One of the traders (fishman) Mr James Mbungi, clarified that: “There are three grades of bondo… those from larger, medium and small size fish. A kilogramme for grade one is sold at 300,000/-, medium at  65,000/- and small at 45,000/-.”

He stressed that gallbladder price is far away from that of ordinary fish, whose kilogramme is sold between 6,500/- and 7,000/-.

However, he added, no any fish processing factory in Lake Zone buys fish without gallbladder, under pretext that it is (gallbladder) by-product that must be sold together with a fish.

As results, the government loses lots of revenues despite high demand of gallbladder in various parts of the world, including China.

The Fishery Director in the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries,  Mr Emmanuel Bulai, supported the motion, saying gallbladder is among the fish products that is highly demanded almost in all Far East Countries.

According to him, the research by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in 2018, showed various advantages of gallbladder, including  surgical threads manufacturing, which ( threads) need no removal from the human body, after the surgery.

Responding on traders request, the Permanent Secretary (PS) in the Ministry, Dr Rashid Tamatamah commented that there were lots of reasons hindering the government from setting up gallbladder indicative price, including restrictions in various international agreements that Tanzania has been signing.

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