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Standards of goods, services reflect robust industrial economy

BUILDING strong industrial economy that could contribute to jobs creation and economic growth is one of the government’s priorities and commitments.

To achieve this ambition, the government has been insisting on the ministries and institutions to make sure they create enabling and friendly environment in order to attract more investments in the industrial sector.

It is from this backdrop that the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has been preparing standards on goods and services reflecting and focusing on the ongoing efforts to build strong industrial economy in the country.

This is a fundamental step because all industrial goods produced in the country are needed to meet the required standards before entering both the local and international markets. In this regard all businesses that involve country to country, continent and continent need an independent instrument to inspect the production value chain and test the quality standards of the goods and services before entering these markets.

This shows the key role that TBS plays under the directorate of standards in preparing the standards in order to support the efforts of building the industrial economy. Standards are documents that contain technical and quality requirements that products, services, processes and systems have to meet.

One of the key obligations of TBS directorate of standards is to make sure all the required quality standards are obtained. For this case, observing standards and quality control are fundamental in the growth of industries and global business because it removes impediments and boost competitions in the markets.

The Director from the TBS Directorate that deals with preparation of standards, Mr David Ndibalema said one of the directorate major obligations is to prepare and publish national standards in all sectors of the economy. The directorate also fixes and improves some standards after looking whether they meet current requirements.

Another important obligation is to provide training to industrial owners and business people on producing quality goods and providing quality services to consumers.

“The directorate deals with collection of information on standards from within and outside the country, especially for businessmen who need international standards that can only be obtained from TBS,” he said.

He said standards are prepared by a special technical committee constituting of experts from the government institutions, the ministry, universities and from the manufacturers and business associations. The standards are developed by interested parties based on consensus and make enormous contribution to most aspects of people’s lives, although very often that contribution is invisible.

When standards meet expectations, people tend to take it for granted and it is only with its absence that its importance is brought to the fore. He said due to the needs and priorities of the economy, there are several committees that deal with preparation of goods standards.

Some of these sectors are Food and Agriculture, Hides and Garments, Mines and mining technology, as well as chemical and its products. Other areas covered are Technical sectors involving construction, electricity and machines. He said up to the end of 2020 fiscal year a total of 3,334 standards were already prepared.

Ndibalema said apart from local standards, they also participate in preparing regional and international standards. At regional level, TBS is a member of the East African Community (EAC), African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO) and also in Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries where harmonisation of standards is done to help business people do business smoothly.

This helps to make locally produced goods penetrate and compete in the regional markets. He said through the directorate, TBS is the member of the ISO that share with its members globally keeping and maintaining standards of goods and services.

“Being the member of ISO, the TBS has an opportunity to use the standards prepared by the global standards body but which suits the Tanzania environment,” he said.

Mr Ndibalema said local manufacturers can access the international standards from TBS after being localised at an affordable price.

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