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PCCB to throw weight on early marriage, molestation, rape cases

IN the wake of increasing habit of child molestation and early marriage cases ending ‘quietly’ out of court between the two parties involved, the government has called on the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to intervene to identify corruption elements and uncover the truth.

Deputy Minister of State, President’s Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance, Deogratius Ndejembi issued the directive during his opening remarks at the Annual General Meeting of PCCB leaders which brought together directors, chief executives and regional heads.

Elaborating further, Mr Ndejembi said despite PCCB solving many disputes and assisting citizens who have been exploited especially by financial institutions, cases involving child rape, molestation, early pregnancies and child marriage still remain unresolved.

“PCCB should intervene in those cases too, this is also a form of corruption that we turn a blind eye to, if we let the mess to continue, people will think we are ignoring them,” he said.

The Deputy Minister also said the collusion between parents and perpetrators has been rampant, which has prompted many cases to be pulled out of court and end at the family level while leaving scars on the victims of the incidents.

“I hope you will end this and eventually our children will study and live in peace without being mocked in society. I have a strong trust with what you (PCCB) are doing for the interest of this nation and its citizens” revealed the Deputy Minister.

For his part, the Director General of PCCB, Brigadier General John Mbungo detailed that his institution was responsible in helping the community to eradicate corruption, adding that it will ensure that they spend all their time and professionalism in fighting perpetrators of sexual harassment.

“We have continued to return properties of citizens who have been abused by companies or financial institutions by providing loans with unpaid interest,” said Mr Mbungo.

The head of the anti-corruption body also said that one of the agenda in the session was to remind the leaders of the institutions to adhere to values of public service and confidentiality to ensure that all kind of corruption is controlled.

The Director of Corruption Prevention, Ms Sabina Seja added that PCCB in collaboration with other development partners will continue to actively monitor sex corruption cases so as to give the rights to victims who many of them are students to continue with their studies.

“We will fight for the justice of those victims impartially without hurting anyone, until the situation is stable; our happiness is to see the community living in peace without acts of corruption, because we believe corruption is the enemy of justice.” Ms Seja stressed.

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