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Manyara youngsters benefit from industrialisation agenda

THE industrialisation agenda initiated by the fifth phase government is bearing fruit as the youth have started utilising opportunities.

It is in factories that most youth people have landed jobs, enabling them to make a living and improve their lives.

The youth commend the government for being saved from the unemployment trap that led some of them to wander around the streets or engage in criminal acts such as stealing people’s properties and adding the burden to their families and friends.

Mr James Mollel, who works with Mati Super Brand Limited in the region, said industries had saved many young people, who were just loitering around the streets and engaging in criminal and dangerous activities, leading some of them to be arrested, arraigned and jailed.

“We are thankful that the government’s initiative has borne fruit in Manyara Region. Specifically, Mati has prioritised us the youth in employment, by helping us to solve the problem of poverty that has been affecting us a lot. Now, I use well my time, working without disturbing other people and life has since changed for better and I can see a difference in my life,” said Mr Mollel.

The youth voiced their optimistic messages when Manyara Regional Commissioner (RC) Joseph Mkirikiti visited them to sensitise youth employment and how they could participate in the industrial economy.

For his part, Mati Super Brand Limited Supervisor Goodluck Silayo said the company produced strong dry gin, sed cane spirit, strong coffee portable spirit, max care hand sanitiser, Tanzanite premium vodka and jax’s will premium whisky.

“The company’s growth trend is impressive and we expect to have more goods in production that we are going to announce soon. We will employ more young people and we are happy to work with them,” said Mr Silayo.

Employment opportunities keep increasing, with 59 permanent workers and 37 casual ones and it is expected that by next month there will be more offers for employment.

Mr Silayo said the company paid tax in line with law provisions.

He, however, said they were facing some challenges, one of them being unfriendly infrastructure from the main road to the industrial site. He asked the government to address it as soon as possible.

RC Mkirikiti pledged to address the road challenge, saying it was the government’s duty to construct roads and ensure they were passable throughout the year.

“You as a company and factory carry on with your work. We have seen, appreciate and value your contribution to development such as employment and what you return to the community. We will put in place proper infrastructure and provide basic social services,” said Mr Mkirikiti.

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Author: MARIAM JUMA in Babati

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