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Hajrrath: Bongo Movie pays off the new actress

THERE have been a lot of doubts that people have in life, especially when an individual identifies to have disorders, but that should not be the case as Hajrrath Mohammed is among the few individuals who have disorders and yet made her dream true.

Speaking with Sunday News on Saturday, Hajrrath who is an actress suffers from discoid lupus erythematosus, a disease that has affected part of her body including hair loss and facial for quite a while. But despite having that disease she still starred in Jua Kali soap opera which was launched last Thursday at Magic Bongo channel on DSTV.

“I starred in Jua Kali, which aired in Magic Bongo channel. I played a character as a victim by the name of Itika and the involvement I was given was about my real life.”

“I acted as a person who was being exploited by an individual with power, who used my disorder to benefit himself.”

She noted that her successful journey began three years ago where she paid a visit at Tanzania Standard (Newspaper) Limited Headquarters in Dar es Salaam and spoke with her.

To show gratitude for their assistance she awarded the TSN a certificate of appreciation for their contribution towards her life turning point and opened the windows to establishment of Lupus Awareness and Support Foundation (LASF) and began an acting career.

“The essence of being here is to issue a word of thanks for your cooperation as without your coverage I could not have reached this far. These thanks are to you all.”

The certificate of appreciation was received by the Acting Daily News Editor, Christopher Majaliwa on behalf of the Acting Managing Editor, Tuma Abdallah.

She proceeded with the narration, “this gentleman had an organisation, he gathered people with disabilities and I was one among. He used to take pictures, videos and then send them to his stakeholders living abroad and ask for money and medication but the truth was, it was for his personal discretion.” She was kind of emotional as she was reciting the story; part of the story was part of her life.

“In the play I wore the character well because such an incident had happened to me. Someone photographed me claiming he wanted to help me but he wanted money. But it didn’t happen as he promised. As all the aid he received, he benefited himself.”

Apart from being part of the soup opera, Hajrrath wanted that opportunity to inspire people with disorders that they can do more than they think they are capable of achieving. All they need is trust in their effort.

“The main goal was I wanted to show the community that despite being a patient of lupus, you can appear anywhere, and you can do anything as well. Not only are people accustomed to seeing those with disabilities and disorders in health programmes only but they can also show their talent even if they are suffering from any illness.”

It is her first experience appearing in the “Bongo Movie” industry; when an opportunity came, I did not hesitate and took it.

“As we know when a film or story is prepared the author knows who should carry what profile or who the character should be. So even when they were preparing the movie, they needed someone like me. They searched and found me. It was a lovely experience being part of the crew; I met several celebrities where I had a chance to learn from them.”

Moreover she noted that her acting career has only begun and yet she expects to make more accomplishments in the coming years including filming a movie that will tell a story about Lupus disease so as to create awareness to the public regarding the disease.

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