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Dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly in hospitals

YOU see, there was someone who told me that there is nothing which beats working at something that you love.

What this fellow was telling me was that it feels nice if your career involves something that you are passionate about, kufanya kazi unayoipenda, it is very fulfilling I believe.

I think that is why we are fond of asking our young children what they would like to become when they grow up, and it is common to hear the children telling you that they wish to become doctors, pilots or teachers when they grow up, ni jambo la kawaida sana in our universal culture.

I know and believe that if these children are supported and finally they realize their dreams, they usually become very good at the careers they chose since they were toddlers, naomba mnifuate kwa makini.

It is unfortunate to realize that nowadays people are forced into careers that they did not cherish because of circumstances, people who are working at a certain place simply because it happened that they are there, not because they really wanted to be there, wengine wanafuata mnuso tu.

I remember when I was growing up I had a friend who was very rowdy at a very young age, yani alikua mtukutu vibaya mno! He was the kind of person who could put fireworks under your seat, blow them up and have a very good laugh at it. It happened that one day this fellow found himself in the wrong hands of the law.

The police who was holding him by the scruff of his neck admonished him like a good parent, alimkaripia sana, and he asked the boy what he expected to become when he grows up with the way he was messing around, and the young fellow told him that if everything failed, he would just become a policeman…….he was admitted for three days!

You see, this boy thought of convenience, believing that if he failed in his dreams, then he would just opt for anything simpler, hakujua kua kazi ya polisi pia ni ngumu na inahitaji elimu, it is a job which requires a clear head.

Siku zote msema kweli ni mpenzi wa Mungu, and I always say that I want to be very close to the Most High, that is why I will always say the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God!

Nursing is a very noble profession, and I always have very deep respect for this group of people, because they work under very difficult circumstances and environment, kazi yao ni ngumu sana, tuseme tu ukweli wapendwa.

There are very many people who are in the nursing profession because it is something that they dreamt of since they were young, waliipenda kazi tangu utotoni, and I believe when they were asked what they would like to be when they grow up, they happily said they wanted to be a nurse.

These people, when you meet them at their working stations, will easily impress you, because they are doing something which they love, utawajua tu, from the word go, they will handle you in a very professional manner…..to them I say God bless you! And then we meet those who found themselves working as nurses because of circumstances… najua ushakutana nao, wapo wengi tu, that is why there has been numerous complaints echoing all over the country because of these people who tarnish the good image of a noble profession, mkinichukia ni sawa tu, siku zote ukweli unauma, vumilieni tu.

Just the other day I read a story of a nurse in Rukwa who slapped and insulted a woman for delivering her baby on the floor, baada ya kukosa huduma, na kelele alipiga sana, but no one came to her aid, until she delivered herself…..kwenye sakafu.

And after going through all this pain and trauma, the nurse on duty came over, akamtukana sana, na kumzaba vibao, these are the people I am talking about, wapo wengi sana mahospitali! That is why I am telling you, woe unto you if you stumble upon a nurse who is there because she did not have another option, utakoma.

They are plain rude and arrogant, kiburi hadi kwenye utosi, na roho mbaya ajabu! In our beloved country, we have very many hospitals, some with major reputation cutting across the globe because of very unique services, zipo nyingi tu, mifano mnaijua.

It is a crying shame, however, to know that in some of these institutions you will also find these few corrupted seeds who are working simply there because they have to put food on their tables, not because they love the job.

They are rude to the patients, plain arrogant and undisciplined, yani wana tabia za kukera sana, mpaka unajiuliza kwani walilazimishwa kuwa manesi? When someone goes to the hospital, it simply means that they have a problem, either they are sick or they have someone who is sick, hamna mtu ambae anaenda hospitali kuzuga tu, labda kama kuna vyuma vimelegea kichwani.

You have a sick child or family member or friend, and you come across a nurse who has an attitude that is unbearable, it can easily spoil your day, utakwazika tu, that is why there is a hospital somewhere where some patients decided to give a particular nurse a holy thrashing, alikua jeuri kupita maelezo.

A patient at the hospital needs all the encouragement they can get, because you have no idea what they are going through, sio kwamba wamekosa la kufanya wakaamua kuja hospitali kushangaa majengo, ni matatizo tu, so when they meet with a nurse who is obviously in a foul mood, it becomes depressing to them, sio siri.

They handle patients like criminals, mtu mzima unamfokea kama mtoto…. ebo! hakutaka kuumwa makusudi ujue, hujafa hujaumbika.

You decided to work as a nurse, for God’s sake, behave like one, usiwaharibie wenye uadilifu wa kazi! Hamkulazimishwa kufanya hiyo kazi, if you think that you are far better than taking care of the sick, then take a walk, waachie wenye wito wa kazi, because it is irritating, na mkiendelea nawataja kwa majina, sitanii!

Author: Anthony Tambwe

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