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High performance in STD IV, Form II assessment results

PASS rate in the form two national examinations has increased slightly by 1.57 per cent this year compared to last year’s results.

Meanwhile, standard four pupils have performed excellently in all subjects, with the highest pass mark of 95.46 and lowest 70.85.

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) yesterday released the results of Form Two National Assessment (FTNA) and Standard Four National Assessment (SFNA), respectively.

According to NECTA’s Executive Secretary Dr Charles Msonde, 550,979 out of 601,948 students who sat for form two national examinations have got skills and knowledge to enable them continue to Form Three, whereby 295,977 are girls (91.43 per cent) and 255,002 boys (91.82 per cent).

In 2019, a total of 514,251 students, equivalent to 90.04 per cent of all those who sat for the examinations, passed.

Dr Msonde stated that form two students have scored highest marks in Civics, History, Kiswahili, English Language, Biology, Commerce and Book-keeping, whereby pass marks range between 50.70 and 92.38.

However, the results indicate that students did not perform well in four subjects of geography, physics, chemistry and basic mathematics.

Nine out of ten best form two students were from Dar es Salaam-based schools, namely; Feza Girls, Canossa, Kibasila and Feza Boys. One best student was from Jude Secondary School based in Arusha.

The ten best schools are St Francis (Mbeya), Kemebos (Kagera), Bright Future Girls (Dar es Salaam), Canossa (Dar es Salaam), Tengeru Boys (Arusha), Centennial Christian (Pwani), St Monica Moshono Girls (Arusha), Marian Boys (Pwani), Precious Blood (Arusha) and Feza Boys (Dar es Salaam).

Dr Msonde cited top three best performing regions in the FTNA as Arusha, Iringa and Kilimanjaro.

Speaking about the standard four exams, he said the assessment examination results show that 1,551,599 out of 1,704,286 pupils got grades A, B, C and D, compared to 1,531,120 pupils who got same grades the previous year.

Therefore, there was an increase of 20,479 pupils who got pass marks which enable them to continue to standard five.

Three subjects which the pupils have performed outstandingly, with the average marks in brackets, are Civics and Ethics (95.46), social studies (94.81) and Kiswahili (90.09).

Three top performing regions in the SFNA results are Dar es Salaam, Lindi and Arusha.

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