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Trust clubs’ spokespersons, you will love the league

AS the sports sector continues to grow, there are clubs’ spokespersons doing a commendable job, and three of them are in the front line in promoting matches and the Premier League.

At the moment, we have Haji Manara of Simba, Thobias Kifaru from Mtibwa, and Masao Bwire who trumpets the success of Ruvu Shooting. Their work cannot go without being appreciated because they too play a vital role of disseminating information to the public.

Almost each and every well-established sport discipline is highly encouraged to have a trained spokesperson to play a linkage job with the fan base, something which should never be taken for granted.

The department of information is essential, because whatever is released by them is highly trusted by the public, which in turn promotes the good image of the concerned sport discipline, unlike when it is not there at all.

With the advancement in technology, social media platforms are always busy publishing information which can either build or destroy the reputation of a particular club, and this is where spokespersons are needed to clarify on the raised matters and protect the image of the organisation.

But, while the work of spokespersons is acknowledgeable, it is sad to learn that some people within the same discipline take things in their own hands by releasing sensitive information without the consent of the concerned department.

Surely, this is not desirable because it confuses the public on who to trust, simply because it happens that sometimes one subject can be portrayed differently by two people within the same club, and as such it turns out to be a two-way traffic.

In other words, there should be proper communication inside the club on how to disseminate certain information to the public so that what is released becomes easy for the public to digest.

Tanzania is blessed to have people who can really talk on behalf of their clubs, such that sometimes the excitement of the game starts to be felt way before the match itself, creating a provocative atmosphere.

It usually happens that due to the sweet words that these spokespersons are blessed with; they have the power to convince their respective supporters that their team will win a particular game even though they know that it is next to impossible.

Definitely, that is one of the powers possessed by spokespersons, making supporters believe that their team is in the business of creating miracles where things seem impossible. There is no Tanzanian football fan who doesn’t know Haji Manara, who is arguably the most famous spokesperson at the moment.

He is responsible in promoting Simba matches and the club’s present sky-high success. The best from him is the multi-billion thriller, the Simba Day.

Thobias Kifaru is one of the veteran spokespersons in the country’s football circles, and he claims that among the secrets which have enabled him work in that capacity for a long time in one club is knowing the boundaries of what to say and what to ignore.

He repeatedly talked about lack of ethics by many club spokespersons in the country, something he says puts them in serious trouble with their fans and even the football governing entities like Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and the Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB).

Kifaru, who is the Information Officer for Morogoro based side Mtibwa Sugar, is among the long serving spokespersons, he continues to attract attention of many people even though his team is lately not among the title contenders.

Speaking recently to elaborate on what keeps him floating in this sector which constantly sees many spokespersons moving from one club to another, Kifaru said he respects the available boundaries, that is why he has never involved himself in any form of trouble.

“I know that a lot of things start to surface from social media platforms, where people can say whatever they want regardless of whether it is good or not. For me I do not even own a smartphone, because I don’t want to involve myself in such life,” he said.

He added: “My club is Mtibwa Sugar; why should I spend time talking about other teams? And this is the area where many spokespersons fail to execute their jobs easily because they tend to cross lines and start talking more about other clubs than their own, which is not fair at all.”

Another well-known club spokesperson in the country is Masau Bwire, who plies his trade at Ruvu Shooting. Bwire is one of the most interesting and talkative club Information Officers of all time, who is famous for coining sweet words and using them as a brand for his club.

The good thing about him (Bwire) is that he too concentrates on his club by making people believe that Ruvu Shooting is a classic club capable of winning titles. For now, he refers to his team as the Barcelona of Tanzania, and has since vowed to win the league title at the end of the season.

People like to hear such words going hand in hand with the game of football, because it helps a lot to popularise the sport and makes it more interesting. Imagine if Kifaru and Bwire were not working at these clubs, do you think Mtibwa Sugar and Ruvu Shooting could have been popular like the way they are today?

As a result of this, clubs should not be afraid to hire people to work as their spokespersons, provided they know what to do in their capacities.

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