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Wage brave fight, Plateau United are beatable

ALL the best Tanzanian envoys in CAF Champions League, Simba, who are engaged in a tough away mission against Plateau United of Nigeria this weekend.

It is a very crucial match for Simba, because good away results will give them a downhill task in the return match in Dar es Salaam a week later.

To the players and the team’s technical bench, they must take the match seriously since victory will help improve the football status of the country, team and the players altogether.

Owing to its status as the biggest club level tournament in Africa, players play a crucial role here since the tournament provides them a platform to showcase their quality, market their skills and their teams, all of them very crucial in a modern and business oriented football.

We urge our teams and players to take their matches seriously as their opponents are also hunting for the same treasure.

Simba, who last year ended their campaign prematurely by losing to UD Songo of Mozambique, should know that playing in the CAF level championship is not only commendable, but a giant step that heightens the status of players, teams and the country’s level of football.

The CAF Champions League is tough and highly competitive, and the matches’ results will be an indication of where we stand in terms of continental standards, and when we fail, we know we should raise the quality of our local game.

When we succeed, as was the case with Simba in 2019 when they went above the group stage and in 1994 when they reached the final of the Cup Winners Cup only to lose to Stella Abidjan and when they reached the semi-finals Club Championship in 1974, we know that our standards are also up there with the very best on the continent.

And, more than just looking for the barometer to gauge where we stand, both the Champions League and the Confederations Cup also provides a stage where the country’s flag can be flown very high if our representatives do well.

What we can only urge Simba and Namungo, who are our envoys in CAF Confederation Cup, is to adequately drill their players physically and psychologically while we Tanzanians promise them to rally behind them in both their home and away matches.

And we know that if they can do so, we can compete against any club we will face in an era where the North and West African giants appear to have lost their aura of invincibility.

ONLY seriousness, team work and extra use ...

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