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We only have this life

A few days ago a fatal accident occurred. A number of people lost their lives. So many ambulances rushed to the place to rescue casualties and take them to the nearest hospitals. There were no vehicles and the few that passed were loaded with passengers due to the huge traffic snarl-up caused by the accident. Life is short.

Life is unpredictable. Life is uncertain. Life happens. It happens to everyone. It happens at different times, whether one is prepared or not. It happens in a positive way, a way that one falls in love with it. A way that makes you wish for it to remain forever.

It also carries negative situations. The kind that make you go into depression and become confused. Yes, life happens in all circumstances. In good times be grateful and in bad times bear them with patience because none of them are permanent.

The people who lost their lives because of the accident didn’t know that that was their last day on earth. They left home heading to their respective places knowing they’ll return home in the evening. But alas! God had a different plan for them. Be humble.

Enjoy every moment in your life, no matter how petty it is. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t be jealous of anyone’s blessings for you don’t know what thing he or she lost or endured to have the blessing you’re seeing him or her with. Spend time with your family.

Show them that they matter to you and that you love them. Check on your neighbors. Smile to the stranger you meet on the streets. Life is short. Do not walk on earth with pride. Don’t be immersed in worldly stuff, looking for too much money hence forgetting to live a decent life.

Take time off to enjoy life. Be grateful for your current situation – no matter how you wish it to change – it’s a blessing in disguise. Things will eventually unfold at the right time.

“But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. Allah knows while you know not.” We all had outlined awesome new year’s resolutions.

Things we’d wish to change this year. Everyone had a list of things they wanted to take care of this year. Some had to-be-read list by end year. Some wanted to concentrate more on their studies and jobs. Others wanted to have a better relationship with themselves, to try to fit in a society that’s telling them to be something else other than what their hearts desire.

Some wanted to improve their mental health state. We all had plans. But this year was different, unlike any other year we’ve lived, no matter our ages. This was a unique year, a historic year. The Covid – 19 pandemic changed a lot of people’s lives and mindsets.

The sudden and long closure of schools, worshipping places, restaurants, workplaces etc. In short, the whole country came to an abrupt standstill for quite some time – a long time than expected. Well, some of us achieved a few things we had planned, others didn’t.

Others came up with new goals, objectives, and plans. We were able to connect more deeply with ourselves, families, and the close people around us – And this is huge. At first the year seemed not to be moving, like we’ll forever get stuck in 2020, dealing and adjusting to COVID -19 news and prevention measures.

Always value, love, respect, care, and be there for your family and relatives. They mean a lot to us though the ‘busy’ life never allowed us to contemplate that. We should always have ‘alone time’. Spend a few minutes with yourself thinking and appreciating our lives as they are.

Every situation that happens to us, happens for a reason which is only beneficial to us, maybe not at the moment but eventually. Don’t take life for granted but also don’t take it too seriously. Live purposefully. Give abundantly. Love unconditionally. Hug joyfully. Celebrate gratefully. I pray you’re all safe wherever you are.

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