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New ministers vow to implement CCM election manifesto

ZANZIBAR'S newly sworn in ministers have pledged to effectively implement the CCM Election Manifesto 2020-2025 as promised by President Hussein Mwinyi during his campaigns to meet public expectations.

The ministers said they would set up strategies and be innovative, while implementing their role in strengthening the economy and address various challenges facing citizens, especially access to various services.

Minister of State in President's Office (Constitutional Affairs, Justice, Public Service and Good Governance) Haroun Ali Suleiman pledged to deliver better as he did during the seventh phase government especially in fighting against corruption.

For his part, Minister of State in President’s Office (Finance and Planning) Jamal Kassim Ali said he would direct more efforts towards revenue collection and ensure good expenditure of the taxpayers' money.

Minister of State in the Second Vice-President (Policy, Coordination and House of Representatives) Dr Khalid Salum Mohamed said he would ensure  proper expenditure of the Constituency Development Fund so that they could benefit all citizens.

Minister for Education and Vocational Training Simai Mohamed Said pledged to use his skills and experience to address various challenges facing the sector, including a shortage of classrooms.

He also called on parents and guardians to make follow-ups on the academic progress of their children.

Meanwhile, Minister of State in the President's Office (Regional Administration and Special Departments) Masoud Ali Mohamed said it was high time for Zanzibar special departments to engage in productive activities. 

Minister for Land and Human Settlements Development Riziki Pembe Juma said her ministry would set up strategies for developing land in Bagamoyo, Coast Region, owned by the Zanzibar government.

“I will ensure all strategies  designed  for  strengthening  tourism  in Pemba  are efficiently implemented,  including using various  tourism sources  as identified  in Development Vision 2020-2050," said Minister for Tourism and Antiquities Lela Mohamed Mussa.

Zanzibar President, Dr Hussein Mwinyi on Saturday (November 21, 2020), sworn-in his newly appointed ministers, warning that he would not hesitate to fire them if they failed to deliver.

He insisted that ministers who won’t address corruption, embezzlement and theft in their respective public offices were not the right persons in his cabinet.


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Author: SUNDAY NEWS Reporter

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