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In the name of the most high, stop this habit

WHAT I have come to discover is that there are some people who believe that simply because they were given a mouth, they are supposed to talk even if they have nothing to say, wanaropoka tu.

There are those who will attack you verbally because you were courageous enough to speak your mind or express your views, yaani watakushambulia hatari! I have to be honest, I really like constructive debates, and I am so much in love with people who try to learn in the process of listening and talking, hawa ni watu ambao wanajenga.

You see, last week I spoke about the habit of most of our female species of transforming any male species into a moving ATM machine, and in the process they have turned out to be hardened beggars, omba omba wasomi. I was talking about those women who will send you a message of begging for money the minute they get your number, and in the process they automatically transform you into a bearded ‘baby’.

“Baby naomba hela nikasuke,” one of them will tell you, while the other one will tell you, in a very innocent voice…. “baby leo ni birthday yako, naomba elfu 50…,” that is just an example, take it that way.

I am really happy because so many people came forward to either correct me on some facts or to chip in some ideas for a better piece, while there were those who just commented for the sake of it, simply because they have a phone with enough free messages or air time, yaani ilimradi tu na wao waonekane wamesema kitu.

With all these comments, I have to be fair and say that some of them were helpful to me, and I thought that they were worth to be looked into, yalikua ni mawazo mazuri sana kwa kweli.

“You see, there are women who have turned out to be ‘beggars’ as you call them because of circumstances, because some of them, due to peer pressure, decide that the only way they can make it in life is to look for money from men,” one of my readers told me.

And in the process of talking, she touched on something which got me thinking, and it really made me sad to realize that there are some things our women go through which are despicable, inakera, inatia aibu, na ni ushamba, to be really polite about it! And it is on that note that I am descending on this type of people, who are misfits and a shame to their mothers and the society they live in, ni watu wa kuwaogopa sana, and it is unfortunate that most of them are educated. Ili mnielewe vizuri, acha niwape mfano mdogo tu.

Someone has spent a lot of money to educate his daughter, amemsomesha kuanzia chekechea hadi chuo, which means that he has sacrificed a lot for the education of her daughter. And then this girl is finally excited that she is going to complete her education after so many years of hard work, and she is getting ready for the next challenge that is likely going to be in front of her.

And then she is told that her lecturer is looking for her, and she is told that she is supposed to go to his office, na kwa sababu hajui kinachoendelea, anaenda, very innocently.

When she reaches her lecturer’s office, and after small talk, the fellow tells her that if she wanted to pass her final exams, then she has to agree to meet with him at a particular room in a particular hotel….ili tuweke mambo sawa.

What this nincompoop is telling that girl is that he is ready to put all her efforts in the dustbin if she refuses to sleep with him, simple as that……. Naomba mnifuate kwa makini.

This is a girl who has dreams, who has sacrificed her time and energy to get education so that she can become someone in the society, and suddenly all this is about to disappear because of one hopeless creature, yaani mpumbavu mmoja tu mwenye tamaa za kijinga! It is unfortunate, but most of them are forced to agree, not because they like it, but because they cannot imagine going through the same hassle for the second time, anawaza wazazi, how they sacrificed so that she can get an education, the money they have spent, anaona ni afadhali akubali tu.

These people are there and we are living with them in the same society, wajinga ambao hawana hata aibu, people who have no qualms about messing an innocent girl’s future because of their stupid whims! Hivi hamna hata aibu nyie? Don’t you know that despite everything, there is God up there who is watching you? Kwa kweli mnakera na mnatia aibu! And some of these fools have daughters and wives, ambao wakijua na wao wanafanyiwa hivyo, they will hit the roof, kwa wengine mnaona sawa ila kwenu inauma.

These cases, I have come to discover, are rampant in our country, right from primary school to higher learning institutions, with some of them shifting to offices, men who demand for sex from innocent girls so that they can give them good grades, nawaambia hivii, mna laana nyie!! Hivi ukija ukijua mwanao na wewe alifanyiwa hivyo utajisikiaje? You come and discover that your precious wife slept with her boss so that she can get a well-deserved promotion, how will you feel? Kama mnashindwa kutongoza kihalali semeni msaidiwe, it is a shame to use your position to take advantage of someone’s daughter or wife, it is not right kabisa, and I don’t think there is anything that can justify your despicable behaviour, ni uhuni mtupu! Baba mtu mzima, watu wanajua una heshima zako, kumbe kimeo tu, a sick fellow who needs to be hanged from an electric pole, mnatia aibu sana, let me assure you! If you are in a position to give someone their rightful award, just do it, because whether you know it or not, that is your job, sio kuomba mapenzi kwa lazima, ni ushamba!

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