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Improve teamwork, the 2020/21 season is tough

QUALITY play, good attendance and competitiveness have already been noted as the new Premier League season hit its tenth round before a temporary suspension due to AFCON duties.

It hasn’t been an easy league when you consider that every team targets to win the top throne and a ticket to represent Tanzania in the big continental level tournaments.

So vast riches are up for grabs, but the spin-offs of taking part in the CAF Champions League will not just boost coffers for the teams, but will also help the country to climb up and earn two more tickets in both the CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup in 2021/22 season.

We would like to see remaining rounds clearly bring our league and players a global visibility and recognition, and out of that we are more likely to attract new fans, keep existing fans and enter new markets.

Once you enter new markets there are new revenue streams.

For Simba who are in the CAF Champions League not just once – and that is crucial – is a nice bonus, but on an ongoing basis it provides the platform for creating, building and sustaining a business model that can generate a whole stream of benefits.

In Africa, The Champions League is a “commercial phenomenon, and a look at the upcoming fixtures will underline the gulf with the CAF Confederation Cup competition.

 Turn of events and experience convince possible changes in 2020/21 season, taking into consideration the overall performance of Simba, Young Africans, Azam and Namungo at the top four berth.

We remind football governing bodies, teams and players featuring in the country’s big league to be serious in preparing their youth players so that they can become competitors in future and not just observers of foreign leagues.

They must be ready to challenge the threat from foreign players by demonstrating their skills at both individual and team level.

We will again insist for players engaged in this season to work hard for their teams and themselves, because we have witnessed that football pays handsomely as an entertaining source of income.

THE Sixth Phase government under the leadership of ...

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