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Connect artistes to decision making tables, US firm

THE government has been requested to connect artistes to the decision making tables, as they will empower their creativity and innovations to facilitate conversations around sustainable development.

Artists are naturally creative; connecting them in the decision making tables will also help them teach every sector in development how to think like artistes as commented this week by a Soul Fusion performing artiste and a founding fellow of Teaching Artist Institute (TAI), Kim Poole.

Poole who visited Bagamoyo where the 4th International Conference on Art for Social Transformation: ARTIZEN 2020’ was recently hosted at its Tasuba College of Arts, said the visit aims at rising conversations on connecting artistes to bring about sustainable development.

“We want engineers to think like artists and understand that they are creative; politicians, historians, teachers to be just as creative as artists. We want artists to be used to facilitate conversations that integrate their art form into other areas of community development,” she remarked.

She further urged artistes to understand that they are also in leadership as they teach other sectors how to be creative and inspire the art of possibility.

Poole explained that the fourth conference of arts for social transformation is joined with 28 international delegates from around the world including South Africa, United States, The Netherlands, Rwanda, Ghana, and Uganda.

Various artistes have visited there because they would like to learn from the Tanzanian artistry, especially in the historic town of Bagamoyo; understanding the town to be a very important place especially for the African diaspora in learning its history, she elaborated.

“Our conference is not an opportunity to come and leave, but it is the beginning of a conversation that will last for the next five years. We are here to begin a partnership with the city of Bagamoyo, the artists of this town are now part of our action plan,” she emphasised.

She insisted that they chose the town and specifically Tasuba to host the conference because they understand that it is the hub of what it means to restore, promote and preserve the African identity through its art, culture and traditions.

“It is our hope that in the future TAI which is in the United States of America will be able to partner with Tasuba and host such events that create a certification and teach every artist on the campus that they are more than just performers or hired help,” stressed Poole.

Tasuba principal Herbert Makoye explained that the twoday conference will focus on art for the social development and how art can be used to influence and bring about positive change in the lives of people.

He noted that Tanzania has already started using artists in creating awareness and educating the society on various matters of development and public interest.

“Tanzania has been using artists in various arts and culture performances in educating and creating awareness to our communities in various public matters like HIV AIDS, ways to get out of poverty, and urging people to work hard,” he said.

The country is now focused on industrialisation and eradicating poverty, where art and culture can be used in this sector and create great opportunities for development.

“We have a part to contribute; we just need to know how we can contribute in developing the nation just like any other sector is doing,” he asserted.

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    This is a good news to hear,and the all artists have to be proud of being a part of changes and to be changes themselves as among of society members. Big thanks to Kim Poole with her entire team for coming at TaSUBa and conducting the workshop,it was so nice and educationally,we also thanks for making the artists from Bagamoyo be part of their activities to change the world.

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    So who do we contact in order to get involved?

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    George Daka

    What a great idea to meet and discuss cultural matters of such high level in a place like Bagamoyo where it was also a transition point of African slaves to overseas. That was my first college to attend in as far as my artistic professional is concerned. Looking forward to the best.

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    Kim Poole

    Would love to connect with those interested in Art for Social Transformation.

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