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Letter of congratulation to Dr John Magufuli on Inauguration held on 5th Nov 2020

Dear Mr President,

Allow me to congratulate you personally and on behalf of my family upon your inauguration on your second term as the fifth President of Tanzania.

I am confident that under your guidance and leadership, the United Republic of Tanzania will pursue effective ways to address the challenges our country is facing, as the world becomes more challenging politically and economically.

I highly regard the traditional and deep effort aimed at uniting Tanzania that has given most Tanzanians trust to vote for you in this 2020 General Election. I would like to offer to you my most sincere wishes for a successful second term as President of the URP.

I look forward to working with you as a citizen of Tanzania in my role as a public servant to further strengthen your vision and changes you would want to bring to Tanzania to advance common objective of building a united and prosperous Tanzania for Tanzanians.

I know those who understand what you have done to this country in your years as MP, and now as President for the last five years, and now for the next five years, and I understand why you are the perfect candidate for this post in this challenging moment in Tanzanian history.

From the bottom of my heart, all your past hard work has paid off. The zeal to do something for our nation and for the marginalised Tanzania masses “wanyonge” of our country has made your winning the elections more realistic with 84.4 per cent votes.

I hope you will easily fulfill all your promises and CCM party pledges to help you shine brightly in the future to elevate our country to higher section of middle income countries.

Let me wish you much success in your demanding office and wish you good fortune and firm health to you and the whole of your family. God bless Tanzania.

Yours sincerely, Dr Hildebrand Shayo

Author: Dr Hildebrand Shayo


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    Jordan Ernest Nyembe

    Dear Sir,, It's Me Jordan Nyembe from YALI Network and International Exchange Alumni Working Under Department of State here in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania This Wed of November 18TH, 2020 my most shared article is about how I’ve spent a lot of my life hanging around people who have achieved a lot, but look below average if you walked past them in the street. These people fascinate the heck out of me. They do incredible things for society and go about it quietly. Let me know if I can get Gift of TSN regarding my articles published by the Sunday News of Tanzania on dated June 25TH, 1995 and July 9TH, 1995 and as well as Give the Gift of TIME archive published by the TIME Magazine through excerpts of my letter in TIME Magazine November 29TH, 2004 which available on newsstands Monday, November 22ND, 2004 to enable me get started to fight Fraud, waste and abuse in Tanzania. Thank you, Sincerely, JORDAN ERNEST NYEMBE YALI Network and International Exchange ALUMNI Member here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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