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How La Liga hypnotises Dar with stylish soccer

TANZANIAN football lovers have become ardent fans of big European leagues most notably the English Premier League, Germany’s Bundesliga and Italian Serie A, but, the Spanish La Liga outruns all with best responses.

Most of Tanzanians feel Spanish La Liga has the type of football they like due to its striking similarity with the highly entertaining Brazilian soccer and the instinct, as most of them noted, was fanned by Lionel Messi- Christian Ronaldo rotational reign.

Guided by history, La Liga is actually the third most favourite league after EPL and Bundesliga, but, practically it is Tanzania’s closest friend. Already Young Africans have picked La Liga as ideal tool for the club’s reforms and the already signed deal seems to yield fruits at the moment.

The Jangwani Street Club has reached the final stages of sealing their consultancy deal by La Liga of Spain being part of the initiatives to bring reforms in the club. In the contract signed by the club and La Liga on the 30th of May this year, La Liga and Sevilla FC agreed to provide consultancy services to the club in Tanzania through GSM Group partnership.

Speaking in the Press Conference held in Dar es Salaam La Liga delegate, Alvaro Paya said everything was going on well and the processes to implement crucial aspects of the contract are going on well.

“We signed the deal on May 30th this year and took four months to assess, which areas to improve or change in terms of finance, management and on digital communication. We have accomplished our report and we think everything will be made public after two weeks and that report will be delivered to Yanga.”

The official assured the club’s fans to expect positive changes due to the stage reached in the reformation process jointly done by Yanga, La Liga and Sevilla as everything seems to go perfectly. He also reminded that Young Africans will also benefit much from LaLiga and Sevilla FC’s expertise over the next three and a half years.

Yanga will receive consultancy on club’s management, activities for fans, digital transformation, marketing, sales, economic control and international development. La Liga’s latest commercial agreement in Africa is a unique initiative revealing how clubs, leagues and partners can come together to support the growth of football around the world.

Also making the positive impact on restoring back unity, propelling transformation, good administration. This objective has been central to La Liga’s internationalisation strategy since it began in 2016, which has seen it promote knowledge sharing between leagues, organisations and clubs on every continent.

He ended up by inviting the football fans to watch live (big screening) the La Liga El Clasico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid festival to be held at Tips lounge in Dar es Salaam,” he said.

Spanish La Liga seems to love Tanzanian soccer and the representatives from the Spanish La Liga will jet into Tanzania in December to scout for new talents during the 11th edition of East African Youth Football Tournament.

Organised by the ‘Future Stars Academy’, the Chipkizi Cup 2020 will be held from the 8th to the 13th of December this year, at the Tanganyika Game Trackers (TGT) grounds and has so far has attracted participants from all the five East African countries.

Through the La Liga Africa branch, the Spanish top football division will be recruiting shining talents at the Chipkizi Cup and this will provide opportunity for upcoming young soccer stars to play beyond Tanzania.

According to Alfred Itaeli the Director of Future Stars Academy, Kampala Elite from Uganda, Kenya’s Ligi Ndogo outfit, the Fountain Gates of Dodoma and for the first time Pamba FC will also bring young footballers to Arusha.

The organisers stated here that the National Microfinance Bank (NMB) continues to support the Chipkizi Cup, which last year had attracted more than 168 soccer teams, which was a record hard to break, with more than 110 teams coming from outside Tanzania.

In another development, Japan which also intended to participate in this year’s tourney, was forced to shelve the idea following the upsurge of the second wave of Covid-19 which has now grounded young Tokyo players to fly to Arusha.

Still, as far as Itaeli is concerned the fresh emergence of new teams from Tanzania, will enable the annual Youth soccer tourney to still create ripples in Arusha next December.

The NMB Bank’s representative, Lembris Lesion said the institution has been supporting Future Academy as well as the Chipkizi Cup for three years now and the bank wants to ensure that the youth become professional players and transform football from recreational activity into commercial soccer.

Spanish La Liga is here to stay, will it really benefit Tanzanian football? Time will tell.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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