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Clerics warn against political regionalism

AS the nation holds the October 28, 2020 general election, Bishop Abednego Keshomshahara of the North-Western Diocese under the Lutheran Church in Tanzania (NWD-ELCT) has warned Tanzanians to avoid tribal and regional policies that could divide people and plunge the nation into chaos.

He issued the warning at a meeting attended by religious leaders and other stakeholders in Bukoba Municipal Council.

"As the general elections approach, Tanzanians must avoid tribal and regional policies which can divide them and plunge the nation into chaos. Such mistakes must be avoided at all costs. Voters should be careful and elect candidates with clear policies that promote peace and unity. Peace contributes to economic growth and improves people's lives," he said.

Bishop Desiderius Rwoma of the Bukoba Catholic Diocese, on the other hand, said killings of innocent people in Kagera Region based on superstitious beliefs and increasing land disputes were indicators of the breach of the peace.

"There is a need for concerted effort to end this social phenomenon. Religious leaders should educate their followers on the importance of peace during and after the general elections. For many decades Tanzania has been the haven of peace. It is our duty to preserve these values," he said.

Mr Joseph Masabara (83), who is also Chairman of the Kagera Elders' Council (KEC), advised religious leaders to consult government authorities, including Minister for Education, Science and Technology to include religious education in the school syllabus.

"This will help young people to become God-fearing, responsible adults and law-abiding citizens," he said.


A total of 19 lawmakers under a ticket ...

Author: MEDDY MULISA in Bukoba

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